Me & Max After Cat Bath

Another sweet older cat after his monthly bath.  He has a lot of beautiful fur, and the most adorable eyes. What a good cat!

Post-bath photo
Post-bath photo



Don’t let anxiety stop you from caring for your cat

If you are scared to trim your cat’s claws, that’s okay.  Claws are pointy, so your fear is understandable.

If you are afraid to irritate your cat by combing through her fur, that’s okay. Some cats aren’t easy to comb.

YOU don’t have to do these things, but if you want to take good care of your cat, SOMEONE has to do them.

Those claws need to be trimmed. That fur needs to be brushed.

There’s no shame in calling a cat groomer. After all, most of us don’t sew our own dresses or make our own shoes. Most of us don’t bake our own bread.  If it’s easier for you, and easier for the cat, go for it.



Cat Groomers are health-care providers. Choose a groomer as you would choose a veterinarian.

Cat groomers use tools for restraint, shaving, trimming, washing and drying. Each tool, if used correctly, helps make grooming a faster and safer experience for your cat.  Handled incorrectly, these same tools can hurt your pet.  Use the same care in choosing a groomer that you use when choosing a veterinarian.

Does your groomer know that cat skin is thinner than dog skin? Does your groomer know that while dogs pant frequently, cats rarely do so unless stressed?  Does your groomer know that using a “groomer’s loop” on a cat can be dangerous? Does your groomer know that Acepromazine does not reduce fear; it just disables the cat temporarily while heightening their perception of noise?

Grooming is part of your cat’s health care.  Choose wisely.  Groom often.