How to make money with petcare. Part 1

Same as making income from any other business.

Find out what people want by trial and error. TRIAL AND ERROR.

Don’t listen to anyone except your customers.

If what a customer says doesn’t match where they spend their money, ignore what they say.

Don’t get hurt.

Don’t hurt anyone.

Do a job other people don’t want to do. (Everyone wants to petsit kittens.)

Cesar Milan, dog training guru, works with dogs so dangerous that NO ONE ELSE will even try.

End of part 1.



Intergroom Fun for Cat Groomers

I took the #320 bus to Secaucus last Friday. Why? Because of Intergroom, a trade show and educational event for pet groomers.  I ogled grooming implements, especially the luxurious made-in-Japan gold Utsumi combs which are so beautiful.

Then I attended a useful seminar, “Handling Techniques for Cat Grooming.”  The fun part of going to grooming seminars is watching adorable cats being used as “models”.

Continuing education makes for a better groomer.



Why senior cats need special handling

“A retrospective study revealed that 22 percent of cats over 1 year old and 90 percent of cats over 12 years old had radiographic evidence of degenerative joint disease.”

This is why I use plenty of towels when I groom a senior cat.  They rest on soft surfaces. If they’re not heavy, I even support their body while bathing them. The little things count.