What happens during my housecall cat grooming visit?

I prepare my work area, often in the kitchen or bathroom, using the big towels you provided. You bring your cat to me. For bathing, deshedding or dematting visits, I assess your cat by quickly running a hand over and under his or her body. This tells me about coat condition and their reaction toContinue reading “What happens during my housecall cat grooming visit?”

Getting ready for a happy housecall.

Put out 2 large towels – beach or bath towels. Have a quiet home. Place other pets in another room if possible. Reschedule if your cat, or you, are sick or upset. Reschedule if there are renovations or anything that brings strangers or loud noises into your home. Be generous with food and treats. FoodContinue reading “Getting ready for a happy housecall.”

“Can cat hair get into my lungs?”

This is my most popular post. I have now updated the post with a special gift. It seems like many people are concerned about fur in their lungs.  I understand! That is a creepy idea, isn’t it? Who wants furry lungs? Not me! As a present to visitors to my site, I created a bookletContinue reading ““Can cat hair get into my lungs?””

Cats see the world in soft focus

The cat’s world is seen in soft focus, however; it cannot resolve detail sharply because the lens in its eye is large to gather as much light as possible. The New Encyclopedia of the Cat by Dr. Bruce Fogle DVM This type of eyesight must make it impossible to make out the details of a claw trimmerContinue reading “Cats see the world in soft focus”