No more hairballs

Throwing up hairballs isn’t natural. If cats still lived outdoors, shedded fur would be blown off or pulled off. In the home, fur detaches, gets licked into the throat and is either vomited out, or accumulates enough to create an obstruction if it doesn’t pass through the body.  Everyone has time for 15 seconds of brushing aContinue reading “No more hairballs”

Photo of a cat groomer’s desk

To get these tools: Brush I’m using on Emma – Safari Pin & Bristle Medium Brush for Dogs with Wood Handle Orange nail trimmers for dogs or large cats – Nail Clipper with Orange Handle Medium Size Slicker brush – Pets Master Wood Handle Pet Slicker Brush with Rubber Pad and Pins, Small, Red Love glove groomingContinue reading “Photo of a cat groomer’s desk”

Cat shedding. What to do.

Cats shed more in the spring. Generally a true statement. Maine Coons shed enough fur to make another Maine Coon. Based on observation . . . Most common place for largest mats — along the side of body. Most common place for smaller mats — behind ears, under chin. Tools to use: rakes, metal combs, slicker brushes,Continue reading “Cat shedding. What to do.”

Lush new fur coats now in season for your cat.

Longer days and less sunlight mean it’s time to change fur coats. Your cat does not need to have a winter fur coat delivered from the fur vault. Their coat change is “do-it-yourself.” Telltale signs that the feline coat change is underway . . . Tufts of dull-looking fur poking out here and there. More strands of furContinue reading “Lush new fur coats now in season for your cat.”

Easy de-shedding for short-haired cats

My cat Emma helps me figure out which tools to use.  She’s a test model and co-pilot. De-shedding is “maintenance grooming.” Do it once a week or more. It’s addictive. Seeing fur pile up on the Love Glove is ridiculously satisfying. Today’s harvest of fur. Nice to see it on the glove instead of yourContinue reading “Easy de-shedding for short-haired cats”

Do you need to get your long-haired cat a lion-cut in the summer?

I’d say the answer is no, but if your cat is long-haired AND obese, then the answer is yes. As long as you have air-conditioning or cross-ventilation and shade, your well-groomed cat should be fine. A matted cat or a cat who is not regularly combed is a different story. Mats turn a fur coatContinue reading “Do you need to get your long-haired cat a lion-cut in the summer?”

Cats never groomed themselves. Nature did.

The rain that washed away the dirt on your cat’s fur? Now that’s you. The mist on her face that cleaned away the grime? Now that’s you. The branches and leaves that rubbed her skin, tugging away dead fur? Now that’s you. The tree trunks she scaled that kept her claws short? Now that’s you.Continue reading “Cats never groomed themselves. Nature did.”