Open for business

SK is a one-person business.  I only accept a few new clients each year. Please read the information to see if my service matches your needs. Then email me with answers to the questions.  I have been grooming many of my client’s pets for over 5 years. Hopefully this is the start of a long relationship. Thank you for your time and interest.

Training, Credentials, Business Certificates

Graduate of New York School of Grooming. Honors for pre-veterinary studies. Zoo Keeper internship with big cats. Veterinary nurse for house call & clinics. 1,000 hours volunteering & being employed at animal shelters. Licensed business in NY State for past 9 years.

House Call Travel area

Below 96th street in Manhattan.

* Just added Park Slope, Williamsburg, Long Island City and Roosevelt Island to my area. Hello kitties!

Nervous cat? Do I groom all cats?

  • Scaredy cat?  Ask your vet for anti-anxiety drug Gabapentin to see if that helps. Gaba is given by you the evening before for pre-dosing, then two hours before visit. Sedation is better than stress. Note: Gaba can help stressed or scared cats, but won’t do much for cats who get angry about being held. 

Standard safety guide

Wear a surgical mask if you are sneezing or coughing.  Keep a two-arm’s-length distance. Open a window if you can safely do that.

Services offered. Estimated fees.

Note: NY state makes businesses collect sales tax for them, so 8.875% has to be added to the fees below.

1. Full Groom.  Bath + drying + claw trim + de-shedding + sanitary trim (as needed). Monthly, every other week, or weekly. Italian shampooe or Moussette. (“Spa Day”). Long-haired cat $230. Short-haired cat $180.🐈🛀

2. Mini-Groom.  De-shedding + claw trim.  Monthly, every other week, or weekly. Fees vary depending on schedule and kitty fur/size. $90 to $150. 🐾🐈

NEW* 3. The “Band-Aid”. De-matting for 30 minutes or less, depending on cat’s tolerance. This is a “Band-Aid”, because it is not a longer-term or complete solution to matting. Might be good if your cat is too old or weak for a full groom. $125

4. Pawdicure (claw trim): $90.

5. Sanitary trim only or Ruff trim only. Shave small area in the rear or under the chin/upper chest. Helps with hairballs and messiness. $90

6. Cat sitting with playtime, feeding, litter change, photo. $40 to $50

* No lion cuts. No de-matting of heavily matted cats. For those services, I suggest finding a groomer who works with a partner.

* Due to a big spike in crime on public transit and streets, I often need to take Ubers. Part of the fee helps me pay for safe travel.

How to pay

Pay by cash, local check, Venmo, Zelle. I do not accept credit cards. Payment due immediately after service is complete. Thank you!

* Canceling or not-at-home with less than 24 hour notice unless there is an emergency or illness: $25 added to next visit.

Make Your Service Request Now

Looking forward to meeting your cat! See bottom of page for the email link. Please tell me:

Your name, full address, cat age, fur description and type of grooming services you would like me to provide.

Please answer the extra questions below for a super-stress-free visit:

Does your cat have any health issues such as diabetes, heart murmur, urinary tract infections, etc.? Is your cat doing anything unusual, such as meowing all night, avoiding the litter box or hiding? Can you pick up your cat without hissing, scratching or biting?

See you soon! Your cat will do a happy dance after being groomed by Linda.

Visit my YouTube channel “Spiffy Kitty Cat Grooming On The Go” to see me working.