Spiffy Kitty Housecall Grooming in Manhattan. Monthly, Bi-weekly or Weekly Visits.

Spiffy Kitty House Call Cat Grooming client weekly baths, Lilly

Dear cat owner,

Spiffy Kitty has a few recurring appointments, only available for owners interested in monthly, every-other-week or weekly grooming visits. Frequent visits are necessary to create trust with a cat and maintain the fur in a healthy condition.

Spiffy Kitty is for:

* cats living between 96th street and 8th street in Manhattan.

* owners who want the fun and love of cats, without having to spend time grooming.

* quiet homes with a comfortable area for grooming (well-lit, clean, large sink in the kitchen.)

* cats who can be picked up without biting or scratching (play bites are fine).

If you would like to learn more, please fill out the form below.

The coat will be kept full, not shaved or trimmed (except for the rear, if necessary).

Sample services . . .

๐ŸŒปFull-coated grooming monthly, every other week, or weekly. (“Spa Day”)

๐ŸŒผMini-groom with brushing + claw trim monthly, every other week, or weekly. (“Mini-Spa”)


All scheduling is done via email, so as to be convenient for “on the go” clients.

Claw trims
Linda has been giving sweet Belle baths, brushing her, & trimming her claws since 2012.
Client Bambi once a month since 2013. Her relatives star in Fancy Feast commercials. Bambi says “If you look good, you feel good.”

Training, Credentials, Business Certificates

Graduate of New York School of Grooming. Zoo Keeper internship with big cats. Veterinary nurse for house call & clinics. 1,000 hours volunteering & being employed at animal shelters. Licensed business in State of New York.

Olive, an adorable Sphynx cat, enjoys her post-claw-trim treat. YUM!!!!
Mystic during a cat sitting visit
Retired Russian Blue show cat, Mystic, asking me for a cuddle. Client for many years.

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The Form

By sending the form, you are confirming that you have read the information above. Thank you.

Spiffy Kitty can only accept a limited number of clients, due to time constraints. Not all consultations result in a membership.

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