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Claw trims
Linda has been giving sweet Belle baths, brushing her, & trimming her claws since 2012.
Linda has been grooming Bambi once a month since 2013. Her relatives star in Fancy Feast commercials. She’s so proud of herself after grooming.

Training, Credentials, Business Certificates

Graduate of New York School of Grooming. Zoo Keeper internship with big cats. Veterinary nurse for house call and clinics. 1,000 hours volunteering and being employed at animal shelters. Awarded scholarship for pre-veterinary college academic studies. Licensed *business in State of New York since 2013. Insured by The Hartford Company.

*Independent small business. NOT owned by a hedge fund (PetCo) or managed by Pepsi executives (PetSmart).

Fear Free Certified Professional

Where Spiffy Kitty goes to care for cats

Manhattan from 96th street to Canal street. Spiffy Kitty adds a travel/time fee to go beyond the area.

Preparing for grooming visits

Preparing takes 3 minutes.

Make sure home is quiet. Ask the house keeper to work in another room. Ask children to play in another room. Kitty placed in area where she/he can’t hide under or behind furniture (lure with treats and toys). Kitchen counter and sink empty and clean. 2 big towels. Cover stove top with a towel.

Health & safety first. Then fur and fun.

Cats must be vaccinated against rabies, if they have been outside unsupervised during past 6 months.  If your cat has bitten anyone and caused bleeding (not play bites), they must be sedated before visit. If your cat has fleas or infectious condition, please contact a veterinarian. If your cat has a heart murmur or genetic condition, please tell Linda.

Has your cat been refused grooming service by clinics and groomers due to a serious heart condition or non-infectious medical issue?

Spiffy Kitty can do “no-frills comfort-grooms” for higher-risk cats refused by other groomers, because all cats deserve to be at ease in their skin.  The goal is no matting, no thickly greasy/odorous areas, and no claws growing into the pawpad.

Choose services . . . or let Spiffy Kitty pick what’s best for your cat

Spiffy Kitty House Call Cat Grooming is a service for owners who are considering weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits. 

Cats can not and should not lick off all their shedding fur.

That fur goes into their body, blocking and irritating sensitive linings, resulting in misdiagnosed “inflammatory disease”, (in other words, the veterinarian does not know the cause, so gives it a name and calls that the diagnosis. Then you have to buy the pills, … and the “prescription” food to treat the “diagnosis” )

Grooming supports cat health and home cleanliness, reducing shed fur, decreasing allergies, protecting furniture, and helping your cat feel comfortable with an airy, soft coat.

  1. Silky Soft Treatment Day:  May include bath with scented or unscented shampoo, drying, brushing, de-shedding, removing a few  mats, sanitary trim of rear and claw trim. $125 to $225 estimated. (Pre-paying weekly or bi-weekly clients pay different fees.)
  2. Show Grooming Style:  Steps: degreaser, float the coat, show-level shampoo and conditioner, round the fur at ear tips, claw trim, blow drying. May take 3 hours. For long-haired or other cats who are groomed at least once a month. Not for first-timers, matted or jumpy cats. $300 estimated. (Weekly or bi-weekly clients pay different fees.)
  3. Kitten’s First Bath: For cats under 4 pounds and under 4 months. “Baby-steps” bath and claw trim. Perfect for new kittens from a shelter or breeder, to wash off germs and scents. $150
  4. “No more ouches.” Furniture-saver claw trim: Takes less than 15 minutes. $60 to $80 per cat.
  5. Finishing touches and special treatments (extras): Ear cleaning for more waxy ears. Nettle, no sls, shampoo for itchy, sensitive skin. Trim rear fur for litter-box ease.
  6. Now also offering Moussette by IV San Bernard dry shampoo:  For cats who prefer a Spa Day that doesn’t involve water. $225

*No shave downs.  No de-matting of cats with more than a few mats. At Spiffy Kitty, we specialize in maintainance grooming.

* Do you know that 42% of salon-employed groomers say that their bosses make them use unacceptable tools and products? Almost as many actually quit their job over this! That’s how bad some salons are, so please do your research.

After grooming. Quick tidy up.

3-minute tidy up. Wipe surface and sweep immediate area. Concerned about fur flying? Cover stove, other areas with a towel or plastic. Some clients ask their housekeeper to vacuum, wipe or dust afterwards.

Does your cat need happy pills?

If your cat is scared, ask your veterinarian about a pre-visit dose of Gabapentin. Regarding pet fear and anxiety as “normal” is the old way of thinking. Calming medications are often safer for a pet than the wear and tear of anxiety which increases heart rate and blood pressure. Calm is better for everyone.

Olive, an adorable Sphynx cat, enjoys her post-claw-trim treat. YUM!!!!

For grooming clients only. Cat sitting service.

This service is exclusive to grooming clients. $40 to $50 per visit, including daily photo, changing food and water, scooping litterbox, playtime, cuddle time.

Mystic during a cat sitting visit
Retired Russian Blue show cat, Mystic, asking me for a cuddle.

Ways to pay

1) in cash 2) local check that has your name and current date 3) on this site with a credit card or PayPal 4) Venmo.

Payment always due same day as visit.


Kitty Gallery. Photos of a few of the many cuties I have groomed over the years. Love them all!


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