Schedule a house call cat grooming visit in Manhattan.

7 years of cat grooming housecalls.

Training, Credentials, Business Certificates

Graduate of New York School of Grooming. Honors for pre-veterinary studies. Zoo Keeper internship with big cats. Veterinary nurse for house call & clinics. 1,000 hours volunteering & being employed at animal shelters.

Travel area. Services. Fees. General info.

I visit homes from 96th street to Battery Park in Manhattan.

If you live outside this area, reimbursement for a car service to and from your home will be added to the fee.

What if your cat is terrified or aggressive, but needs grooming? Ask your vet for Gabapentin, to be given by you two hours before visit.

Will your cat hide from visitors?  Just place cat in a carrier before the visit, or you can block hiding places.

Relax a few feet away while I expertly groom your kitty. No assistance from the owner please, unless I ask.

Fees and service choices. Pick one please.

1. Bath + drying + claw trim + de-shedding + sanitary trim (as needed). Monthly, every other week, or weekly. Italian shampoo or Moussette. (“Spa Day”). Long-haired cat $230. Short-haired cat $180.🐈🛀🐾

2. De-shedding + claw trim.  Monthly, every other week, or weekly. Fees vary depending on schedule and kitty fur/size. $88 to $150. 🐾🐈

3. Pawdicure: $88.

4. Sanitary trim only. Shave small area in the rear. $88

Pay by cash, local check, venmo, zelle or paypal. Payment due immediately after service is complete.

** Are you looking for a lion cut? This is only provided for cats who are very relaxed. Fees start at $300.

***Are you looking for cat sitting? Cat sitting is $30 per visit.  Visit area is from 96th street to 57th street on the east side of Manhattan.

Service Request

Please email your name, address, cat description, and type of grooming needed  to:

See you soon.

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Albert Schweitzer