Welcome to Spiffy Kitty Cat Grooming and Cat Sitting!

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“Wow! It only took 60 seconds to read this page. All my questions were answered. So easy!”
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Holiday hint. Schedule mini-grooms during holiday cat sitting visits to avoid post-holiday fur CATastrophe. Yes, you CAN come home to an un-matted cat.
Meet some of my clients! Belle gets claw trims, baths and cat sitting visits. She was one of my first clients years ago. She is like a family member.🐱💗
I have been grooming Bambi once a month for years. Bambi’s relatives star in Fancy Feast commercials. She feels very proud of herself after kitty spa day.

Training & Education

  • Graduate of New York School of Grooming
  • Bronx Zoo zookeeper internship
  • 1,000 hours of volunteering at shelters
  • veterinary nurse, both housecall and at clinics
  • Fear-Free Certified Veterinary Professional

Where I travel to care for your cat

Manhattan from 96th street to Battery Park. *$50 special travel fee for Brooklyn or Queens, if within 5 subway stops from Manhattan. No more than 5 blocks from subway please, as I must carry equipment.

Business hours

9 to 5. Monday through Saturday. Evenings by special arrangement.

What leads to a happy grooming visit. What does not lead to a happy grooming visit.

The list is humorous, but I do want you to get the most out of my visit. Clients are happy when they go green.

  • Calm and quiet home. Vacuum cleaners (aka monsters), renovations, frat house reunion.
  • Cat can be picked up. Cat turns into a saber-tooth tiger when picked up.
  • Cat has been outside unsupervised in past 3 months, but is vaccinated. Unvaccinated cat whose best friend is a wild raccoon.
  • Owner home for first visit so questions can be answered. Allergic housekeeper who only likes dogs is home for first visit.
  • Guests, staff & children relax in another room. Children videotaping grooming session for their YouTube channel while guests Instagram it.
  • 2 big towels provided to swaddle cat in case of wiggles. No towels and an acrobatic, wet cat.
  • Kitchen sink and counter cleared before the appointment. Dinner party preparations in full swing.

Fees & Services (Fee per cat. Sales tax of 8.875% included in fee.)

  • General Grooming. Estimate of $180 to $275, which may include claw trim, bath and/or brushing, and sanitary trim around rear. Fee depends on cat’s needs, behavior and fur.
  • Same day visit. Add $50 to the standard fee, and kindly be flexible about time.
  • Claw trim. $60 to $80
  • Rear-fur trim or under- chin trim (messy eaters). $80 to $100
  • Eye Envy treatment for Persian cats. Reduces tear stains. $40 alone. ($10 if added to a General Grooming session.)
  • I focus on fur maintenance and beauty, so I do not provide lion cuts/shave downs. I do not groom very matted cats.
  • I do not groom cats with fleas or any infectious condition.
  • My weekly, bi-weekly and monthly clients pay different fees. They are Spiffy Kitty Club members and receive priority scheduling.

After the grooming visit

I do a quick 3-minute tidy-up. Some clients ask their housekeeper to vacuum and to wipe surfaces afterwards, as fur may fly as I de-shed your cat.

Calming pills?

Wiggling or a little bad mood is natural, but scared cats need compassionate help, I believe. You may wish to ask your veterinarian about sedating your healthy cat with Gabapentin. Your cat will be awake, but calm like a Buddha, if the medication is given in suitable dose.

What are the risks of cat grooming? Grooming is fun, but this is a serious job. Nicks to the skin and reactions to shampoo are risks that every groomer must do their best to avoid.

Cat Sitting

$40 to $50 depending on distance I travel. I serve your cat fresh food, change water, clean litter box, play or cuddle, while sending a daily photo. Cat sitting helps your cat bond to me, so grooming sessions become fun for the cat. Cat sitting+Cat grooming=Trust.


Easy Ways to Pay

1) in cash 2) with a local check that has your name and current date. Payment due at conclusion of grooming session. Delayed payments result in being put last on the list for future appointments.

Now you are ready schedule an appointment. Let’s go!



Please tell me your location, cat’s age, cat’s health history, purrsonality & the desired services. Please be specific. Please do not email if you have not read this page.

This is house call grooming with my clients. Does your cat do better at home or in a salon/clinic? In a lap or in a pet carrier? My clients prefer being at home.
Pet Salon
This is a salon/clinic. I recommend clinic grooming for cats who have fleas, require stronger sedation, need physical restraint, or have very matted fur. Salons are fine for cats who are comfortable with strangers, insensitive to noise and new smells, and happy to be around dogs.

Thanks for visiting!

Linda Schmoldt is the owner and groomer at Spiffy Kitty House Call Cat Grooming

Would you like to know how often to schedule a visit?

Sample grooming schedules for various breeds

This is the schedule to follow if you want your cat to have a beautiful, healthy, un-matted, de-shedded coat at all times. Cats on these schedules will look and feel top-notch!

Persian cat kept in a full coat: Daily brushing of entire body by owner. Daily wiping of eye area. Monthly full grooming session with bath. This is the MINIMUM required to keep a Persian cat in a full coat without any mats and with minimal shedding. Many Persian cat owners have no idea how gorgeous and soft their cat can be. Don’t deny yourself this pleasure!

Siberian or Maine Coon kept in a full coat: Completely brush the body every 3 days. Monthly de-shedding and de-matting grooming session. Monthly bath.

Domestic Short-Haired: Weekly brushing of entire body. Baths every 3 months.

What if you don’t have time to brush your cat? Schedule more frequent visits. Simplify your life by allowing me to help.

Expert tips: Experiment until you find the treats your cat can not resist. Using treats, play distraction, and/or head rubs, gradually get your cat to associate brushing with fun and delicious food.


Email linda@spiffykittycatgrooming.com with your location, cat’s information, services desired and anything else you would like me to know.