“Linda is a professional, kind and sweet lady.”

Claw trims
I’ve been giving Belle baths, brushing & trimming her claws since 2012.
I have been grooming Bambi once a month since 2013. Her relatives star in Fancy Feast commercials. Want to enjoy soft, fluffy fur? Monthly grooms are the key.

Thanks for visiting!

To show my appreciation, I’ll email you a list of the best cat grooming tools in the world just for stopping by. It took me years to choose them. You don’t even need to schedule a visit to get the list.

(I don’t sell tools or get referral fees, so I’ll tell you where to order them too.)

Email linda@spiffykittycatgrooming.com.

Type “grooming tools long hair (or short hair)” in the Subject Line. All I need is your first name, so I can respond to you personally.

How I became a cat grooming expert

Graduate of New York School of Grooming. Zookeeper internship with big cats. Veterinary nurse for house call and clinics. And more, but keeping it short so we can move along . . .

Thank you to my clients for their support

“She is very patient and worked gently with them.”

“Linda was so lovely and calming.”

Where I go

Manhattan from 96th street to Battery Park. For other areas, email me a specific address.

Getting ready for a visit takes 300 seconds

Make sure home is quiet. Ask house keeper to work in another room. Ask children to play in another room. Kitty placed in area where she/he can’t hide under or behind furniture (lure with treats and toys). Kitchen counter & sink empty & clean. 2 big towels. Cover stovetop with a towel. Done!

You agree that healthy & safety comes first? Then read this.

Cats must be vaccinated against rabies if they have been outside unsupervised during past 6 months.  If your cat has bitten anyone & caused bleeding (not play bites), they must be sedated before visit. If your cat has fleas or infectious condition, please contact a vet. If your cat has a heart murmur or genetic condition, please tell me.

Choice of grooming service. Premium to basic.

Bottom line . . .

I won’t accept payment unless you are happy with my service. Do NOT pay me if you are not 150% pleased.

  • Kitty Spa Day Basic:  $200 plus sales tax.  Goal: clean, comfortable, soft, always within limits of what cat will accept. My handling is firm but gentle. May include bath, drying, brushing, removing a few  mats, sanitary trim of rear,  claw trim.
  • Show Grooming Style of Bath Premium. “Celebrity Groom”:  $300 plus sales tax. Steps: degreaser, floating the coat, premium shampoo, premium conditioner, Eye Envy treatment for Persians, round the fur at ear tips, claw trim, blow drying. About 3 hours. Only for long-haired or Exotic Persian cats who get groomed at least once a month. Not for first-timers, matted or jumpy cats.
  • Kitten’s first bath introduction to grooming:  $150 plus sales tax. For cats under 4 pounds AND 4 months. Baby-steps bath and claw trim. Perfect for new kittens from a shelter or breeder, to wash off germs and scents. Also I quickly check skin and teeth, so you can tell your vet if there’s a question.
  • “Booty trim”: $120 plus sales tax. Shave/trim the area around rear but ALSO long fur on outside of hind legs. SO many groomers only trim a teeny tiny area around the rear. That’s not enough to stop messes.
  • Very popular service — “No more ouches.” Furniture-saver claw trim. Guaranteed 10 minutes in and out the door. $60 to $80 depending on distance, behavior.
  • Add-on services: Eye Envy treatment for Persian cats. Reduces brown tear stains. Ear cleaning for waxy ears using veterinary cleanser.  Massage nervous cats using rubber brush and hands, following principles of Tellington Touch.

AND a new choice by popular request. The “Purely Problem Solver”. I take care of what MUST be done for you and your cat to be comfortable — in the shortest amount of time. Might be claws, mats forming, shedding, rear mess. This is “down n’ dirty” — not about looking pretty, just getting the job done stress free. Perfect for cats who can’t tolerate longer grooming, elderly cats, multi-cat homes, cats with cancer or hospice cats. $180 per hour, with one hour minimum.

*Note: No lion cuts or shave downs. (Except . . .  I do shave a couple of cats who I have known for a long time. They are easy going, with the type of skin and fur that doesn’t get nicked easily. So I make exceptions for special cats & special owners in the Spiffy Kitty Club, but it is rare.)

I don’t groom very matted cats, since ultimately they are going to need to be shaved down.

Become a Spiffy Kitty Club Member (SKCM) for these benefits . . .

Requirement: Pre-scheduled, pre-paid weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits.

What you get:  Priority scheduling. Very special club prices. Special cat grooming gifts from visits to trade shows.

After grooming. Quickie tidy.

3-minute tidy up. I wipe surface and sweep immediate area. Concerned about fur flying? Cover stove, other areas with a towel or plastic. Some clients ask their housekeeper to vacuum afterwards

Does your cat need calming pills? Let me suggest one . . . 

I invested twelve hours of study and passed 10 tests to earn the Fear Free Certification for Veterinary Professionals. Why? I wanted to be able to give veterinarian-approved suggestions for getting 100% rid of fear & anxiety in cats. Ask your veterinarian about sedating your healthy cat with Gabapentin. Email me for free downloads on pilling cats and Gabapentin.

“Cat Sitting Regular” service

$40 per visit. 1/2 hour.  I serve your cat fresh food, change water, clean litter box, play or cuddle. I send a daily photo. I will take note of anything unusual or poop/pee issues, so that you can discuss with your vet.

“Cat Sitting Plus” service

$50 per visit. 1/2 hour or more.  I serve your cat fresh food, change water, clean litter box, play or cuddle.  I send a daily photo. I tidy the litter box area. I scrub the feeding bowls.  I enjoy spending extra time reading, or snuggling your cats. If your cat enjoys brushing, I will lightly brush their fur or massage them. I will take note, even take a photo, of anything unusual or poop/pee issues so that you can discuss with your vet. I will bring in the mail. If there is a light, small package delivered, I am happy to bring it in.

Easy pay

1) in cash 2) local check that has your name and current date 3) on my site with a credit card or PayPal 4) Venmo. Payment always due at end of grooming or cat sitting visit.

Delayed payment results in being last on list for appointments. If fee delayed twice, pre-pay before scheduling.

Schedule an appointment now

Email me at linda@spiffykittycatgrooming.com

Please tell me–

your full address, cat’s age, name, health, purrsonality & most important, what made you contact me Now instead of a year ago. What do you MOST need me to do?

Do not text please. Note– all scheduling done by email. Why? I’m usually in places where having a conversation is impossible, like loud subways or client homes. 

I reply within 3 hours or less, unless it’s after hours.

Join the Spiffy Kitty club. Schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits.

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