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Training, education and experience includes graduating from The New York School of Dog Grooming, scholarship award for excellence in pre-veterinary science coursework, zookeeper internship at The Bronx Zoo, pet care employment in clinics, kennels and shelters, and over 1,000 hours volunteering for shelters.

My house call area is New York, from 116th street to Wall Street. Also Long Island City and Roosevelt Island. * Williamsburg, Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo and Park Slope with $75 travel fee.

Usually open Tuesday through Saturday 8 to 3, but days and hours vary.

Can you, and other adults, pick up and hold your cat without wondering if you’ll get scratched or bitten? If you can, my service is for you!

Services and fees

Claw trim $98

Sanitary trim (rear area) or bib under neck $110

Shave off a few mats $150 to $250. (Not a lion cut or shave down.)

Mini-groom (Grooming without bath. Includes claw trim, deshedding, sanitary trim if needed, remove a few small mats) $175 to $250

Full groom (Grooming with bath, including claw trim, deshedding, sanitary trim if needed, remove a few small mats, towel dry) $200 to $250. *Long hair blow dry add $80.

Teeth brushed. (As an add-on to grooming or claw trim visit only.) $25

My specialty is maintenance grooming for full-coated cats. I do not provide lion cuts or shave-downs or all-over fur trims. My clients keep their beautiful fur coats all year long.

Do I dogs who live with your cats? Now offering weekly, or every-other-week, brush-outs to maintain the coat of small, friendly dogs. * This is coat maintenance only. Saves you time and removes guilt. (No de-matting or shaving.) $40/15 minutes

** Sales tax of 8.875% will be added. Pay immediately after service is completed. $50 fee for cancellation with less than 24 hours notice.

Please email information including address, cat type, cat health issues, and services requested so I can suggest appointment times. Email link is on upper right side of screen or copy and paste:

Super handsome Maine Coon. 💜💜💜💜💜🦁