At your home. The place your cat likes best.

Spiffy Kitty can help.

I want to groom your cat!

I earned a grooming certificate at grooming school, after learning about cats by working in veterinary clinics and shelters for over 1,000 hours. I interned at the Bronx Zoo as an animal keeper assistant, spending time with the big cats. My schooling includes studying biology and chemistry at Hunter and Baruch Colleges, winning a scholarship based on grades, followed by a year studying veterinary sciences at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. Licensed NY business since 2012. Insured.

Where do you live? My housecall travel area is 116th street in Manhattan to lower Manhattan. Long Island City with a $25 fee. Some other areas may be included with a pre-paid $50 deposit.

Tuesday through Saturday 8 to 3. Closed after 3 p.m.

So what’s the dealio?

Can you, and other adults in your home, pick up and hold your cat without concern about scratching, hissing or biting? If you can, my service is for you.

** If you can’t, please talk to your vet about mild or complete sedation for grooming. I will groom cats who are sedated according to veterinary instructions.

Do you have bright lighting, enough room to spread out large towels, and for cat baths, a large enough kitchen sink with forceful water pressure and swift drainage? If yes, my service is for you.

Soft clean kitty or dirty little kitty?

**If you want a soft, clean cat with short claws, no mats, no furballs, and minimal shedding, please schedule weekly, every-other week, or at most, monthly, visits. My service is not meant to handle once-a-year clients, since I need to get to know your cat.

What can I do for your cat?

Dollars and cents . . . and venmo and checks

Claw trim $98

Claw trim plus claw covers application $110 (Cats size 8 to 13 lbs. Clear color caps only. Cat should be very patient about having claws touched, because claws are trimmed, then covers are glued on.)

Sanitary trim $98

Shave off mats $98 to $150 (depending on size and number of mats)

Grooming without bath including claw trim, deshedding, sanitary trim if needed, remove small mats $150 to $200

Grooming with bath including claw trim, deshedding, sanitary trim if needed, remove small mats, towel dry $200 to $250

Teeth brushed. (Cat should be very calm for obvious reasons. As an add-on to grooming or claw trim visit only.) $10 for toothbrush plus $10 for brushing. If scheduled as a stand-alone service, $50.

Blow dry short hair $25

Blow dry long hair $50

Kitten grooming under 6 months and under 6 lbs, including claw trim, brushing and bath $125

** Sales tax of 8.875% will be added. Pay with cash, Zelle and Venmo immediately after service is completed. Bitcoin payments welcome. $25 fee for cancellation with less than 24 hours notice.

Let’s go! Email me this info pleeze so I can suggest appointment times.

To receive a reply, please remember to answer the questions. Thank you.

your name?

full address?

cat age?

fur description?

cat personality?

cat health?

type of grooming services you want?

For your cat’s sake, please try not to schedule appointments if you just moved into a new place, just adopted a 2nd cat, are having renovations done, visited the vet on the same day, or if there is any other major source of feline stress.

Super handsome Maine Coon. 💜💜💜💜💜🦁