Spiffy Kitty Housecall Grooming in Manhattan

Spiffy Kitty House Call Cat Grooming client weekly baths, Lilly

Your cat’s fur looks shiny and soft as a show-cat. Shedding fur, what’s that? Matted fur is for other cats, not your cat. Hairballs a distant memory. ┬áFor the furry kings and queens of this island. (A street-cat can be a furry king. Attitude not pedigree.)

No more wrestling your cat into the carrier.

Grooming done in view of owner.

Services and Fees

­čî╗Sparkle Time: ┬ábath + drying + claw trim + ear cleaning + de-shedding. Monthly, every other week, or weekly. (“Spa Day”). Long-haired cat usually $225 first visit. Short-haired cat usually $175 first visit. After that, fee might decrease depending on how often visits are pre-scheduled.

­čî╝Double Dutch: ┬áde-shedding + claw trim. ┬áMonthly, every other week, or weekly. Fees vary depending on schedule and services. Generally $80 to $150.

­čî╝Pawdicure: Fee depends on cat behavior and travel time.

Spiffy Kitty only uses show-quality Italian-made shampoos, conditioners and serums.  The best of the best. Grooming results last longer. Coat looks more glossy.

All scheduling is done via email, convenient for “on the go” clients.

Claw trims
Linda has been giving sweet Belle baths, brushing her, & trimming her claws since 2012.
Client Bambi once a month since 2013. Her relatives star in Fancy Feast commercials. Bambi says “If you look good, you feel good.”

Training, Credentials, Business Certificates

Graduate of New York School of Grooming. Honors for pre-veterinary studies. Zoo Keeper internship with big cats. Veterinary nurse for house call & clinics. 1,000 hours volunteering & being employed at animal shelters. Licensed business in State of New York.

Spiffy Kitty Clients

The Form

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  • Spiffy Kitty has a small group of happy clients who are visited year after year. Join the club!
  • The cat grooming visit should make you, your cat and the groomer feel good.


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