Welcome! Enjoy your visit to Spiffy Kitty Cat Grooming and Cat Sitting!


Holiday Preparation!

Holiday guests allergic to cats? They will love you for thoughtfully scheduling a bathing or de-shedding session. Children or senior relatives visiting? Trim claws so they can cuddle cats without injuries. Holidays are a time for closeness, not for scratches & sneezing💓.

Searching for gentle cat grooming? 

I have been taking care of my cat clients for years.  I am so happy that I can provide a valuable service for cats and the people who love them.

Photo on 3-3-13 at 10.54 AM #3
I’ve been caring for Belle for many years. I love her so much.

Training & Education

Where I travel to care for your cat. Travel territory. — Manhattan from 96th street to Battery Park.  *$50 special travel fee for Brooklyn or Queens, if within 5 subway stops from Manhattan, & no more than 5 blocks from subway please.

Business hours9 to 5.  Monday through Saturday. Evenings in special circumstances.

Attitude for Kitty Spa DayLet’s keep things calm & relaxing, because that’s best for cats.  Goal –> soft, un-matted cat with trimmed claws.

Preparing for a grooming visit:

  • No renovations or vacuum cleaners please.
  • Is your cat healthy? Check to see if eating and litter box behavior is normal.
  • Has your cat been outside, alone, in the past 6 months? Rabies vaccine needed.
  • Owner home for first visit.
  • Guests, staff & children relax in another room.
  • Avoid sudden noises and sudden moves during grooming.
  • Provide at least 2 big towels, or even a blanket, to swaddle kitty in case of wiggles.
  • Please provide favorite treats & toys for distraction and reward.
  • There may be fur flying during grooming! I do a quick 3 minute tidy-up after I finish. You may want to schedule your cleaning staff for a visit after I leave.
  • I usually bathe cats in the kitchen sink. For baths, please clear sink and counter before the visit.

Fees & Services (Per cat. Sales tax included in fee.)

  • Estimate of $170 to $225 for general grooming, which may include claw trim, bath and/or brushing, and sanitary trim around rear. Depends on cat’s needs, behavior and fur.
  • For same day visit, please add $50 to the standard fee, and kindly be flexible about time.
  • $60 to $80 for claw trim.
  • $80 to $100 for rear-fur trim.
  • *Pre-book weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits for special client pricing for each service. 💗💗
  • I do not provide lion cuts/shave downs, so prices do not include that service.
  • I do not provide bathing or any kind of grooming for cats with fleas.


Calming pills?

Wiggling or a little bad mood is natural, but scared cats need compassionate help. You may wish to ask your veterinarian about sedating your healthy cat with Gabapentin, which comes in capsule or liquid for about $20.  Your cat will be awake, but very calm and zoned out like a Buddha, if the medication is given in suitable dosage. Has anti-anxiety effect, which is helpful for scaredy-cats and “macho” cats.

What are the risks of cat grooming? Yes, there are risks for groomer and for the cat, even when a kind, well-trained groomer visits your home. Grooming is great fun and can do a lot to improve a cat’s life, but this is a job that I take very seriously. Grooming is part of health care and sanitary care for both owner and cat.  This is a helpful article by a veterinarian.

Cat Sitting

$40 to $50 depending on distance I travel.  I serve your fresh food, change water, clean litter box, play or cuddle, while sending a daily photo. Cat sitting helps your cat bond to me, so grooming sessions become fun for the cat. Cat sitting+Cat grooming=Trust.


 Easy Ways to Pay

1) in cash 2) with a local check that has your name and current date 3) Venmo.

Now you are ready schedule an appointment.  Let’s go!



Please tell me your location, cat’s age, cat’s health history & the desired services.

Isn’t Silver beautiful? I have been caring for him for two years.  He likes to be brushed and cuddled.

Want to know more?  See below for effective grooming schedules.

Linda Schmoldt is the owner and groomer at Spiffy Kitty House Call Cat Grooming

Sample grooming schedules for various breeds

This is the schedule to follow if you want your cat to have a beautiful, healthy, un-matted, de-shedded coat at all times.

Persian cat kept in a full coat:  Daily brushing of entire body by owner. Daily wiping of eye area. Monthly full grooming session with bath. This is the MINIMUM required to keep a Persian cat in a full coat without any mats and with minimal shedding. Many Persian cat owners have no idea how gorgeous and soft their cat can be. Don’t deny yourself this pleasure!

Siberian or Maine Coon kept in a full coat: Completely brush the body every 3 days.  Monthly de-shedding and de-matting grooming session.

Domestic Short-Haired: Weekly brushing of entire body. Baths every 3 months.

What if you don’t have time to brush your cat?  Schedule more frequent visits. Simplify your life by allowing me to help.

Expert tips:  Experiment until you find the treats your cat can not resist. Using treats, play distraction, and/or head rubs, gradually get your cat to associate brushing with fun and delicious food.

I started trimming Charlie’s claws a few months ago. He likes to sit in this position while his human wiggles a string to distract him. So sweet.


Email: linda@spiffykittycatgrooming.com