In your home. The place your cat likes best.

Spiffy Kitty client Pomp as Rembrandt
Spiffy Kitty clients are masterpieces. Image by Bria and Head. Grooming by Linda.

Years of experience and training . . .

Zoo Keeper internship with big cats. Veterinary nurse for house call & clinics. 1,000 hours volunteering & being employed at animal shelters. Grooming school. Licensed business for over 9 years.

House Call Travel area

116th street in Manhattan to Tribeca.

Services and Estimated fees

Beautiful, gentle grooming of many types, depending on your cat’s needs and personality.

While I wish I could groom all your wonderful cats, my focus is monthly maintenance grooming for cats who are comfortable being held, even though they may wiggle or meow a little or a lot.

I do not give lion cuts or do extensive de-matting. I do not groom cats who bite or panic during grooming. For these scared babies, I suggest finding a groomer who works with a partner.

How can I help? Please tell me about your cat. I will suggest services if you are unsure about what your cat needs. After you tell me your location (so I can estimate my travel time), type of cat, friendliness level of cat, and the services you would like, I will be happy to tell you the proposed fee.

Some typical services . . .

Claw trims

Sanitary trim of fur around privates for litter cleanliness

Mini-groom: brushing plus light de-matting plus sanitary trim (if needed) plus claws (no bath)

Bigger groom: brushing plus light de-matting plus BATH plus towel dry plus sanitary trim if needed plus claws

Note: I have a one-hour time limit for blow drying cats. I believe drying them for longer than that is hard on cats. What gets dry is what gets dry😺

** Sales tax added to all grooming fees.

How to pay

Cash preferred. Zelle, Venmo also.
No credit cards please. Payment due immediately after service.

Make Your Service Request Now

Looking forward to meeting your cat! See bottom of page for the email link. Please tell me:

Your name, full address, cat age, fur description, cat personality, cat health, and type of grooming services you would like me to provide.

Please answer the extra questions below for a well-prepared visit:

Does your cat have any health issues such as diabetes, heart murmur, urinary tract infections, etc.? Is your cat doing anything unusual, such as meowing all night, avoiding the litter box or hiding? Can you pick up your cat without hissing, scratching or biting?

Thank you for your interest in my service.