Welcome to Spiffy Kitty Cat Grooming & Cat Sitting

When you brought Fluffy home, you imagined cuddling all the time, but your dreams were dashed when you realized Fluffy couldn’t go a day without shedding fur all over your coat, your dress, your bed . . . ouch, those claws . . . oh no, I almost slipped on a hairball!

Time to call Spiffy Kitty

close up photography of white cat besides christmas lights
Imagine spending the holidays relaxing with a soft, clean cat whose claws don’t hurt you.
Claw trims
I’ve been giving sweet Belle baths, brushing her & trimming her claws since 2012. We are friends.
I have been grooming Bambi once a month for years. Bambi’s family stars in Fancy Feast commercials. She feels proud of herself after kitty spa day.

How I learned to groom cats and became an animal professional

Graduate of New York School of Grooming. Wildlife Conservations Society zookeeper internship with lions, cheetahs, red pandas and more. 1,000 hours of volunteering at shelters all over the U.S. Veterinary nurse doing house call and at clinics. Human caretaker for dearly-departed Sassy, Emma, Cinnamon, and Ivan. Fear-Free Certified Veterinary Professional. Member NCGIA. Degree in pre-veterinary studies. Awarded scholarship for academic pre-veterinary studies. Attended trade shows. Read articles.

About me

My father owned a small newspaper, taught school, served in the military and government. My mother was an artist, born in a Japanese resort town famous for sunsets over the lake. I grew up in the U.S., went to school in France, Germany, Switzerland and England. I have a Chihuahua-mix named Mango who thinks he is a tough guy.

What clients say about me

“She is a professional, kind and sweet lady. I recommend her 100%.”

“She is very patient and worked gently with them.”

Where I go

Manhattan from 96th street to Battery Park.  I live in Manhattan so cluster visits in a limited area. That way I spend more time grooming and less time traveling. *$50 travel fee for Brooklyn or Queens, up to 5 stops from Manhattan & less than 5 blocks from subway.  I carry a “grooming salon in a bag” for your cat, which is why I have to limit how far I walk. Deposit required to go out of my area.

When I groom cats

9 to 5. Monday through Saturday.

Keep reading so you will feel calm & confident on cat grooming day . . .

How to prepare for a Spiffy Kitty visit in 5 minutes

Make sure home is quiet. Ask house keeper to work in another room. Ask children to play in another room. Kitty placed in area where she/he can’t hide under or behind furniture (lure with treats and toys). Kitchen counter & sink empty & clean. 2 big towels. Cover stovetop with a towel.

What I charge per cat & what kind of grooming I do

*Note: Cats must be vaccinated against rabies if they have been outside unsupervised during past 6 months.  If your cat has bitten anyone and caused bleeding (not play bites), they must be sedated before the visit. If your cat has fleas or an infectious condition, please contact a veterinary clinic. If your cat has a heart murmur or genetic condition, please tell me.

  • Kitty Spa Day. Estimate of $222, which includes sales tax.  May include claw trim, bath and/or brushing, wet wipe, and/or sanitary trim around rear. Goal: clean, comfortable, soft, within limits of what cat will accept.
  • Show Grooming Style of Bath. Estimate of $333, which includes sales tax. Steps include: degreaser, float the coat, premium shampoo, float the coat, premium conditioner, float the coat, Eye Envy treatment for Persians, round the fur at tip of ears, claw trim, thorough blow drying. Usually takes 3 or 4 hours. ONLY for long-haired or Exotic Persian cats who are groomed at least once a month. Not for first-timers, matted cats or nervous cats.
  • Kitten’s first bath introduction to grooming. Estimate of $155, including sales tax. For cats under 4 pounds AND under 4 months. Baby-steps bath and claw trim. Perfect for kittens who just arrived at your home from a shelter or reputable breeder, to wash off those germs and scents.
  • “Cute little daggers” claw trim. $66 to $88 depending on distance, behavior.
  • Add-on service: Eye Envy treatment for Persian cats. Reduces brown tear stains so you can enjoy those beautiful peepers. $11 if added to a Kitty Spa Day.
  • I do fur maintenance. No lion cuts or shave downs. I don’t groom very matted cats. Why adopt a beautiful long-haired cat, or a short-haired cat with gorgeous fur, if you’re not going to luxuriate in cuddling that clean, soft fur? We live such busy lives. Cuddling is one of the simple, pure pleasures.

After grooming. The clean up.

I do a 3-minute tidy-up. Some clients ask their awesome housekeeper to vacuum and to wipe surfaces afterwards.  Fur may fly when I de-shed your cat, because I’ll be working hard for you.

Does your cat need calming pills?

Terrified cats need compassionate help, don’t you think? You can ask your veterinarian about sedating your healthy cat with Gabapentin. Your cat will be awake, but calm like a Buddha.  Zen groom at your service. Want me to help give your cat a pill? You can arrange that too.

Cat Sitting

$40. I serve your cat fresh food, change water, clean litter box, play or cuddle, while sending a daily photo. If I have a slow day, I like to spend extra time just reading, or snuggling your cats.

Easy Ways to Pay

1) in cash 2) local check that has your name and current date 3) on my site with a credit card or PayPal. Payment due at end of grooming visit. Delayed payments result in being last on the list for appointments.

How to request an appointment

You are seconds away from not having to worry about cute dagger claws, sheddy clothes and hairballs. 

Email: linda@spiffykittycatgrooming.com

Please tell me your address, cat’s age, name, health history, purrsonality & services needed. Be specific so I can help. Do not text, because when I am grooming, I give 100% attention to the cats so will ignore texts.  I reply within 3 hours. 

oh . . . . and . . . .

What if you’re not quite ready to schedule?  I understand. You want to see how your cat will react to me, or just reassure yourself?  Arrange for a 10 minute house call “meet and greet” .  Fee of $5.50 to cover transportation, plus $15 for my feast at the local coffee bar (smile).  Pre-payment via Venmo or PayPal required.

Email linda@spiffykittycatgrooming.com with your location, cat’s information, services desired and anything else you would like me to know.
Some of my past and present clients. Join the Spiffy Kitty club. Schedule a visit.

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Would you like to know how often to schedule a visit?

Sample grooming schedules for various breeds

This is the schedule to follow if you want your cat to have a beautiful, healthy, un-matted, de-shedded coat at all times. Cats on these schedules will look and feel top-notch!

Persian cat kept in a full coat: Daily brushing of entire body by owner. Daily wiping of eye area. Monthly full grooming session with bath. This is the MINIMUM required to keep a Persian cat in a full coat without any mats and with minimal shedding. Many Persian cat owners have no idea how gorgeous and soft their cat can be. Don’t deny yourself this pleasure!

Siberian or Maine Coon kept in a full coat: Completely brush the body every 3 days. Monthly de-shedding and de-matting grooming session. Monthly bath.

Domestic Short-Haired: Weekly brushing of entire body. Baths every 3 months.