New York City Housecall Cat Grooming by Linda. Gentle and Kind.

Linda has training, experience and education: 12 years of grooming cats.✅ Grooming school graduate.✅ Experience in vet clinics and shelters.✅ Biology degree.✅ Zookeeper internship with the big cats at the Bronx Zoo. ✅ Fear Free program graduate.

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Spiffy Kitty’s housecall cat grooming area extends from 106th street to Battery Park, Roosevelt Island, Long Island City (within two stops of Manhattan). For Astoria, Park Slope, Williamsburg, and other places outside my travel area, a $50 travel fee is added.

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Grooming Monday through Saturday from 8 to 4.

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Are you able to pick up and hold your cat without getting scratched or bitten, or does your cat struggle to escape? Please be honest. If your cat does not allow handling, hopefully I will still be able to visit if your cat is given the calming drug Gabapentin. Please check with your veterinarian about this popular drug.

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Services and housecall cat grooming fees

I offer brushing, combing, de-shedding and bathing for beauty, cleanliness or allergy-reduction; sanitary, ruff and belly trims; cleaning ears. Please note that I do not offer lion cuts/shave-downs/”teddy bear trims”. My service is focused on maintaining the gorgeous fur coats of (relatively) civilized cats, but exceptions are made for cats who are in danger of hairball obstruction. Hairball obstruction is a dangerous condition where shaving is recommended. *The “fascinatingly feral” and “wonderfully wild” cats require sedation.

Suggested grooming schedules: Every 2 to 3 months for low-maintenance coats. Every 3 to 4 weeks for Persians, Maine Coons, hairball-risk cats, and other high-maintenance coats.

Claw trims $98. 🐾 Sanitary trims $125. Other grooming visits start at $250. 🌟Complimentary teeth-brushing as a gift🎁 for homes with more than one cat. 🐈🐈‍⬛🐈🐈‍⬛

** Sales tax of 8.875% will be added. Please pay after service is completed, as you would at a salon. Cash, local check and Zelle. Credit cards are not accepted. * For Venmo, please add 1% for service fee, since Venmo charges a fee. Tips are appreciated, but not expected. Thank you💕
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I would love to groom your cat🦁just email

What I need to know . . .

Please include your address, cat type, cat health issues, grooming services requested, and best days and times for you, so that I may suggest appointment times. Email link is on right side of screen or copy and paste:

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Spiffy Kitty Cat Grooming has a New York business license and is insured ✅.