Drying fur. Damp cloth more absorbent than dry?

Assumption. Use dry towel to wipe off water. When that towel becomes damp, get another dry towel to use. Do not use a wet towel to dry a wet cat. The assumption is wrong. According to answers at the Physics Stack Exchange, damp cloth > dry cloth for water absorption. “Take a really dry dishContinue reading “Drying fur. Damp cloth more absorbent than dry?”

Why does it take so long to dry cat fur?

Drying some long-haired or thick-coated cats takes up to half an hour, even when using a high-quality blow dryer. Why does it take so long? Fur can absorb more than 30% of it’s weight in water. Source:  Dhanesh Anderson, worked at Larsen & Toubro Engineering. Via Quora. “A hair in good condition can absorb moreContinue reading “Why does it take so long to dry cat fur?”

The science of drying cats

How best to minimize drying time? First, how does “drying” work? “What exactly is involved in turning wet” cats “into dry ones? In a word, evaporation: turning the liquid water on your” cat “into a vapor (gas)—and then getting rid of it. “The simplest way of getting rid of liquid water is to turn itContinue reading “The science of drying cats”

Hot cat? How to keep your cat cool.

Some breeds thrive in cool, cold or VERY cold weather, but they wilt in hot temperatures. I’m looking at you Maine Coons & Siberians, you laid-back fur beasties. Instead of shaving ALL the fur off — which to be honest makes me feel sad — I like to shave off the belly, upper chest and groinContinue reading “Hot cat? How to keep your cat cool.”

Allergic to cat? Solutions. Part 1

  Dander and dandruff.  Let’s not get hung up on the difference.  They’re the same according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, while other sources define dander as specifically the “almost invisible skin cells that flake off.” “Dander is made up of tiny bits of dried skin that flake off your cat’s body and become airborne. This may soundContinue reading “Allergic to cat? Solutions. Part 1”

Winter Allergy Cats Uh Oh. sneezes, red eyes, meow!

Sitting inside watching the snow — yes, it’s pretty! — while breathing in dander, dandruff and cat fluff?  Windows closed. Heat pouring out of vents. Dry skin and dry nose. Perfect time for major allergy flare-ups. Grooming decreases shed fur, cleans off dandruff, and washes away dander (temporarily).  If I had cat allergies, I’d be on meds andContinue reading “Winter Allergy Cats Uh Oh. sneezes, red eyes, meow!”

Dealing with hairballs

Useful product suggestions in this article. See below. I use some of these products.   Not Having a Ball Dec 01,2015 by: Sandy Robins Hairballs are an unwanted bonus of cat ownership. Cats shed and ingest hair as part of their self-grooming routines. Fortunately, there are lots of different weapons of attack to fight theContinue reading “Dealing with hairballs”

Too much fur? Brushing helps.

Even if it feels as though there is still a ton of fur after brushing, brushing does help. How can that be? There’s a build-up of shed fur which you’re picking away at. You’re like a miner excavating a tunnel.  Can’t clear away all those rocks in one day! Don’t give up hope! Eventually you’llContinue reading “Too much fur? Brushing helps.”