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For dogs, Now offering between-grooms brush-outs

Surprise! This service is for dogs, not cats.

Why? There is a need. 

Weekly or every other week brushing for 🐕 canine coat maintenance. You will not be “cheating on” your beloved dog groomer. You will not feel guilty about lack of time for brushing your dog. Your dog will be soft and fluffy.

Note:  This is for small-ish dogs who are relaxed about being handled. Only combing and brushing. Sorry, no nails, styling or trimming. This service supplements – does not replace – regular grooming by your dog stylist.

My canine training: graduate of New York School of Dog Grooming. Dog caretaker at veterinary clinic, animal shelter and kennel in NYC and in Illinois. Shelter Manager at Orange County, N.C. Animal Shelter 

I will use a combination of combs and brushes, depending on the type of coat.

Fee: $40/15 minutes

Tell your friends. Don’t let them silently struggle to keep up with brushing. 

Say it loud and proud, “No More Mats”.

Cornish Rex Sadie after her bath

Hypoallergenic shampoo. Towel dry. Claw trim. Remove grease from claw bed. Ear cleaning. Lovely sweet cat. Tons of personality.

Sadie post-bath. Spiffy Kitty Cat Grooming.
Cornish Rex profile after grooming by Spiffy Kitty
Sadie the Cornish Rex shows off her clean paws. Spiffy Kitty Grooming.