Cat shedding. Funny Twitter & Instagram.

Favorite cat-shedding Tweet for today . . . “need some sort of IoT device to measure cat shedding rate: estimate my personal data point sheds at a rate of ~0.7 new cats/day” Favorite cat-shedding Instagram for today . . . A sure sign of spring… cat shedding so much it’s sticking to the walls… EmailContinue reading “Cat shedding. Funny Twitter & Instagram.”

Too much fur? Brushing helps.

Even if it feels as though there is still a ton of fur after brushing, brushing does help. How can that be? There’s a build-up of shed fur which you’re picking away at. You’re like a miner excavating a tunnel.  Can’t clear away all those rocks in one day! Don’t give up hope! Eventually you’llContinue reading “Too much fur? Brushing helps.”

Hairball season

Cats usually shed more when the days become longer or shorter.  If they lick shed fur, they can wind up vomiting hairballs. Vomiting is uncomfortable for kitty. Remember the last time you vomited? It felt bad, didn’t it? If the hairball is deep in the intestine, it can even become lodged there. Brush your catContinue reading “Hairball season”

No more hairballs

Throwing up hairballs isn’t natural. If cats still lived outdoors, shedded fur would be blown off or pulled off. In the home, fur detaches, gets licked into the throat and is either vomited out, or accumulates enough to create an obstruction if it doesn’t pass through the body.  Everyone has time for 15 seconds of brushing aContinue reading “No more hairballs”

My cat is shedding too much. Solutions for shedding.

Some short-haired cats release a large amount of hair in the spring. I removed this fur using the soft Love Glove.  The cat purred during the grooming. This same cat is brushed four times a week, but look how much fur comes off!  Now she won’t have to cough up hair balls or walk around withContinue reading “My cat is shedding too much. Solutions for shedding.”

“My cat sheds too much!”

I’m going to lay it out straight, because I get too many calls from really sweet, really smart people who didn’t get the memo that the animal you adopted BECAUSE IT IS SOFT AND FLUFFY is an animal that is covered in fur. You want the kitty but no fur? There are cats for that. If youContinue reading ““My cat sheds too much!””

“I just adopted a cat. Is it a good idea to groom adopted cats?”

If you just adopted a cat, congratulations!!!!!! You have so much fun, excitement and love ahead of you. Should you have your newly adopted cat groomed? I think so, and that’s not just because I am a cat groomer:). If your cat was in a shelter, I can almost guarantee that the shelter staff wereContinue reading ““I just adopted a cat. Is it a good idea to groom adopted cats?””