Can’t pick up your cat? Think like a rabbit.

A lot of owners don’t feel comfortable picking up their cats, so if you’re one of them, you have plenty of company.  It’s not that the cats are mean. It’s that the cats wiggle away while the owner is trying to get them. Sometimes the owner gets scratched because the cat is so wiggly.  There’s noContinue reading “Can’t pick up your cat? Think like a rabbit.”

Trouble holding cat for claw trim?

I enjoy the challenge of claw trims.  Keeping the cat still can be a game of skill and imagination!  It’s hard to be more clever than a cat when it comes to keeping them from getting away during a claw trimming session. Some gentle restraint techniques I’ve used: No restraint. Just put the cat on a counterContinue reading “Trouble holding cat for claw trim?”

More & More Owners Schedule Claw Trims

This is good news for cats!  For a cat who tolerates claw trims, think how much better their life is when momma or poppa schedules claw trims every 4 to 8 weeks! No more getting claws stuck in the scratching post or worse, the sofa. No more scabs on the ear from too-long claws tearing at sensitiveContinue reading “More & More Owners Schedule Claw Trims”

3 Common Myths about Cat Grooming

Before I became a cat groomer, I believed these myths.  Even though I’d worked as a veterinary nurse, shelter manager, emergency rescue tech, kennel staff and more, I believed that . . . Myth #1 All cats hate baths. Nope. Luckily for me, since my life’s work is GIVING BATHS TO CATS, most cats areContinue reading “3 Common Myths about Cat Grooming”

Should you have a groomer trim your cat’s claws ?

Here are some things to think about. Are you a calm, patient person? Does your body tense up when you hold your cat? Are you a quiet person, or do you use a loud voice at home? Are you willing to try different ways of holding your cat? Are you willing to trim the claws inContinue reading “Should you have a groomer trim your cat’s claws ?”