Persian kitten waiting to be blow-dried

I get to groom this adorable kitten every month. Seeing her is such a joy.  She is from Dearheart Persians, home of the Silver Chinchillas who star in Fancy Feast commercials. She is related to cat royalty, ha ha! What a sweetheart.  To see her is to love her.

Is your Persian cat flammable? OMB!!!

Oh My Bastet. (Bastet is the Egyptian cat-headed goddess, of course.) You totally should have known that. You call yourself a cat lady? Sheesh. Go adopt a Dachshund. Anyhoo, if the fire alarm goes off when you touch your cat’s fur, see below for a magical liquid called Coat Handler Anti-Static Spray. Spritz a little on yourContinue reading “Is your Persian cat flammable? OMB!!!”

DVD Review: “The Purr-fect Bath for Persians & Longhairs”

Rating: 4 stars (****) Summary:  Thorough demonstration of home-bathing a Persian cat using many products. Price: $24.95 This DVD shows award-winning breeder of Persians Laura Thomas washing her Persian cat in a double sink with a spray nozzle. For the degreasing and bath she uses an entire can of Goop, Kenic Sno-Flake shampoo, baby shampoo (human),Continue reading “DVD Review: “The Purr-fect Bath for Persians & Longhairs””

Messy-Bottomed Persian Kittens

Yes, my life is glamorous! These are the things I think about. Messy-bottomed Persian or Himalayan kittens. What to do about them. If you are the proud owner/parent of such a kitty, I have a few suggestions: 1. Is there a stomach problem? Perhaps food or treats are contributing to the messiness. 2. Is theContinue reading “Messy-Bottomed Persian Kittens”