Persian kitten waiting to be blow-dried

I get to groom this adorable kitten every month. Seeing her is such a joy.  She is from Dearheart Persians, home of the Silver Chinchillas who star in Fancy Feast commercials. She is related to cat royalty, ha ha!

What a sweetheart.  To see her is to love her.

Bigsweeteyes Bambiwaitingforherblowdry

Is your Persian cat flammable? OMB!!!

Oh My Bastet. (Bastet is the Egyptian cat-headed goddess, of course.) You totally should have known that. You call yourself a cat lady? Sheesh. Go adopt a Dachshund.

Anyhoo, if the fire alarm goes off when you touch your cat’s fur, see below for a magical liquid called Coat Handler Anti-Static Spray. Spritz a little on your cat or dog. The scent is nutmeg-ish or cinnamon-ish or some-other-spice-ish. Smells good!

No more light show when you pet your cat
No more light show when you pet your cat

DVD Review: “The Purr-fect Bath for Persians & Longhairs”

Rating: 4 stars (****)

Summary:  Thorough demonstration of home-bathing a Persian cat using many products.

Price: $24.95

This DVD shows award-winning breeder of Persians Laura Thomas washing her Persian cat in a double sink with a spray nozzle. For the degreasing and bath she uses an entire can of Goop, Kenic Sno-Flake shampoo, baby shampoo (human), EZ Groom Oatmeal Medicated shampoo, diluted vinegar, Tresemme Hot Oil Treatment, and lastly, texturizer spray. Wow!  That’s some bath!

She also discusses different coat types (Dilute, etc.).

Her cat is docile, so this video is not for those seeking handling techniques.

Bonus clips include a brief demo of claw trimming, drying, product overview, and a segment promoting Laura Thomas’s book about her faith (Christian). The audio and video are good. It is easy to hear and see what is going on.  Her voice is pleasant.

Bathing Persians & Longhairs
Bathing Persians & Longhairs

Messy-Bottomed Persian Kittens

Yes, my life is glamorous! These are the things I think about.

Messy-bottomed Persian or Himalayan kittens. What to do about them.

If you are the proud owner/parent of such a kitty, I have a few suggestions:

1. Is there a stomach problem? Perhaps food or treats are contributing to the messiness.

2. Is the litter box in a quiet area and without the threat of bossy or much bigger cats?

3. “Sanitary” trims can help.  I use my trimmers to decrease the fur around the privates and hind legs.

If you are bathing your kitten, remember to comb out the kitten.  Don’t want tangles and mats to form. Keep soap away from eyes and ears.

Good luck!

Privacy zone
Privacy zone