Trouble holding cat for claw trim?

I enjoy the challenge of claw trims.  Keeping the cat still can be a game of skill and imagination!  It’s hard to be more clever than a cat when it comes to keeping them from getting away during a claw trimming session. Some gentle restraint techniques I’ve used: No restraint. Just put the cat on a counterContinue reading “Trouble holding cat for claw trim?”

Well-groomed cats stay cool in summer. Shaving not necessary.

There are reasons to shave a cat, but temperature is not one of them. Best way to keep your cat cool? Frequent brushing, water, shade. From MPC of Texas (Mobile Pet Care Clinics) “Unlike humans, the skin of dogs and cats does not contain the vast network of blood vessels and sweat glands designed toContinue reading “Well-groomed cats stay cool in summer. Shaving not necessary.”

Confessions of a cat groomer: You get to be the good guy

I get to be the bad guy. You get to be the hero who hands out treats.  File under “reasons cat groomers exist”. I love this little cat. She USUALLY loves me.

Arthritis in older cats & grooming matted seniors

Imagine what it would be like if a hairdresser pulled on your grandmother’s arms and legs while doing her hair.  Would your grandmother be happy or upset?  Would you feel good about the situation, or would you feel worried? Grooming the older, matted cat poses challenges which are distinct from the challenges involved in groomingContinue reading “Arthritis in older cats & grooming matted seniors”

Why do I groom cats?

Why do I groom cats? I want to help people and cats share their lives in harmony and comfort. When your cat is soft, clean and fluffy, don’t you feel great holding your cat?  Who could resist? Grooming increases closeness between cat and owner. I am proud to be part of this important, comforting relationship.Continue reading “Why do I groom cats?”

Review of “The Cat Grooming Guide” by Sam Kohl

Rating: 4 stars (****) Brief overview of basic cat grooming in a salon setting. Easy to read. Seems to be most suitable for beginners who are exploring cat grooming, or for professional groomers who are interested in quickly reading about a slightly different approach.  Not suitable for those who want specific techniques explored in detail.Continue reading “Review of “The Cat Grooming Guide” by Sam Kohl”