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Cornish Rex Sadie after her bath

Hypoallergenic shampoo. Towel dry. Claw trim. Remove grease from claw bed. Ear cleaning. Lovely sweet cat. Tons of personality.

Sadie post-bath. Spiffy Kitty Cat Grooming.
Cornish Rex profile after grooming by Spiffy Kitty
Sadie the Cornish Rex shows off her clean paws. Spiffy Kitty Grooming.
Kitten deshedding

What happens during my housecall cat grooming visit?

  1. I prepare my work area, often in the kitchen or bathroom, using the big towels you provided.
  2. You bring your cat to me.
  3. For bathing, deshedding or dematting visits, I assess your cat by quickly running a hand over and under his or her body. This tells me about coat condition and their reaction to handling.
  4. For claw trims, I wrap your cat in the towel, place an e-collar (cone) on the head, and begin the claw trim.
  5. If your cat tries to bite, struggles, howls, hisses, pants or kicks, I will either finish the claw trim or decide that it is not *safe to finish. *When cats struggle, it is easy to cut too much of the claw, causing bleeding and pain.
  6. If the cat is too upset for safe grooming, we will discuss options to get your cat the grooming they need.
  7. After the grooming, payment is made with cash, zelle or venmo. If the grooming was stopped due to the cat’s behavior, or if it never began due to cat hiding in inaccessible place, there is a $20 fee to cover subway/bus and time.
  8. After successful visits, we discuss how often your cat should be groomed, and schedule the next visit.
  9. The last step is treats and playtime. Always try to end on a happy note. Thank you!!
molly plays

Getting ready for a happy housecall.

  1. Put out 2 large towels – beach or bath towels.
  2. Have a quiet home.
  3. Place other pets in another room if possible.
  4. Reschedule if your cat, or you, are sick or upset.
  5. Reschedule if there are renovations or anything that brings strangers or loud noises into your home.
  6. Be generous with food and treats. Food is a natural sedative.
  7. Most important, make sure your cat can’t hide under or behind big furniture. If it helps, close doors. If your cat will hide, consider placing your cat in the bathroom or a carrier before the visit.

Preparing for cat bath

  1. Same as above, plus . . .
  2. Clear and clean the kitchen sink and part of the counter
  3. Make sure you have hot and cold water, the sink drains quickly, and that there is enough water pressure.

See you soon!! Looking forward to grooming your cat.