Cat chowhound? Cat eats too fast?

I saw this feeder in action while cat-sitting.

Who . . . A senior cat with a habit of eating, then vomiting up food right away

Why . . . Automated feeder dispenses food on a schedule, so cat eats a little bit many times a day

Does it work . . . YES!!!!

So exciting. I used to worry about my sweet little friend throwing up.  Her “parents” made such an effort to find a kind solution. Success!!!

Name of feeder . . . HoneyGuaridan A25 Automatic Pet Feeder



Cat Sitting Clients: Ari soft as cashmere

Ari’s fur is softer than cashmere and he’s sweeter than candy.  We got to be friends while his humans were away on vacation. We played together and cuddled together.  I gave him a mani-pedi so he would look spiffy for his humans.  See you soon Ari!

The softest cat in town.