Arms getting scratched by cat? What do I do?

My arms kept getting scratched when I was grooming cats. I didn’t like this, especially because I am an older person. Scratches take longer to heal than they did when I was in my 20s. Also, because I take blood pressure medication – like about 70% of Americans – the scratch would look really puffy.Continue reading “Arms getting scratched by cat? What do I do?”

Trouble holding cat for claw trim?

I enjoy the challenge of claw trims.  Keeping the cat still can be a game of skill and imagination!  It’s hard to be more clever than a cat when it comes to keeping them from getting away during a claw trimming session. Some gentle restraint techniques I’ve used: No restraint. Just put the cat on a counterContinue reading “Trouble holding cat for claw trim?”

No more hairballs

Throwing up hairballs isn’t natural. If cats still lived outdoors, shedded fur would be blown off or pulled off. In the home, fur detaches, gets licked into the throat and is either vomited out, or accumulates enough to create an obstruction if it doesn’t pass through the body.  Everyone has time for 15 seconds of brushing aContinue reading “No more hairballs”

Lush new fur coats now in season for your cat.

Longer days and less sunlight mean it’s time to change fur coats. Your cat does not need to have a winter fur coat delivered from the fur vault. Their coat change is “do-it-yourself.” Telltale signs that the feline coat change is underway . . . Tufts of dull-looking fur poking out here and there. More strands of furContinue reading “Lush new fur coats now in season for your cat.”

Well-groomed cats stay cool in summer. Shaving not necessary.

There are reasons to shave a cat, but temperature is not one of them. Best way to keep your cat cool? Frequent brushing, water, shade. From MPC of Texas (Mobile Pet Care Clinics) “Unlike humans, the skin of dogs and cats does not contain the vast network of blood vessels and sweat glands designed toContinue reading “Well-groomed cats stay cool in summer. Shaving not necessary.”