How to avoid getting scratched by a cat

Due to anatomy and predisposition, cats predictably do certain things at certain times. The predictability makes it possible to handle most of them, even though they have claws and teeth. Note: predictably does not mean 100% of the time. Scenario. Cat-scratch sequence activated. Goal: Pick up cat without being scratched. Cat laying on side, eyesContinue reading “How to avoid getting scratched by a cat”

Cats and Hip Dysplasia

Brushing, combing and washing the hip area —> discomfort/pain, or fear of discomfort/pain, expressed by moving away, hissing, swatting or biting. Methods for grooming with minimal discomfort –> brush/comb haunches in very brief spurts of activity, pausing when cat expresses discomfort. Avoid pressing/pulling rear legs and don’t exert pressure on haunches/hips. Use blow-dryer + extremely light-touch brushing to blowContinue reading “Cats and Hip Dysplasia”