Does washing your cat reduce allergens?

Should allergic cat owners get their cats washed? Lots of reasons to get a cat groomed, but allergies aren’t one of them, at least according to this one study. Fel d 1 is a major cat allergen. “This study shows that Fel d 1 levels on the skin are dramatically higher on the facial areaContinue reading “Does washing your cat reduce allergens?”

My cat is big and hates baths, but he’s dirty and shedding.

Big strong cats who don’t like baths are hard, so I’ll talk about the easier ones first. If your great big cat likes baths, then you just need to be careful about how you handle your cat so you don’t get into an awkward position. Awkward positions include leaning over the tub, trying to haul big sweetContinue reading “My cat is big and hates baths, but he’s dirty and shedding.”

Persian kitten waiting to be blow-dried

I get to groom this adorable kitten every month. Seeing her is such a joy.  She is from Dearheart Persians, home of the Silver Chinchillas who star in Fancy Feast commercials. She is related to cat royalty, ha ha! What a sweetheart.  To see her is to love her.