Spring Summer Cat Allergy

If your allergies spring into action in the Spring and Summer, you should know that allergies aren’t just one thing. Each trigger piles on until you get really sick. If you have a window air conditioner, clean the filter twice a year. So much gunk in that filter. Easy to clean!! So worth it. OneContinue reading “Spring Summer Cat Allergy”

Allergic to cat? Solutions. Part 1

  Dander and dandruff.  Let’s not get hung up on the difference.  They’re the same according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, while other sources define dander as specifically the “almost invisible skin cells that flake off.” “Dander is made up of tiny bits of dried skin that flake off your cat’s body and become airborne. This may soundContinue reading “Allergic to cat? Solutions. Part 1”

Winter Allergy Cats Uh Oh. sneezes, red eyes, meow!

Sitting inside watching the snow — yes, it’s pretty! — while breathing in dander, dandruff and cat fluff?  Windows closed. Heat pouring out of vents. Dry skin and dry nose. Perfect time for major allergy flare-ups. Grooming decreases shed fur, cleans off dandruff, and washes away dander (temporarily).  If I had cat allergies, I’d be on meds andContinue reading “Winter Allergy Cats Uh Oh. sneezes, red eyes, meow!”

Does washing your cat reduce allergens?

Should allergic cat owners get their cats washed? Lots of reasons to get a cat groomed, but allergies aren’t one of them, at least according to this one study. Fel d 1 is a major cat allergen. “This study shows that Fel d 1 levels on the skin are dramatically higher on the facial areaContinue reading “Does washing your cat reduce allergens?”