Skincare shop. No more scratches! 10-year guarantee!

After a year of trial and error, many fabric purchases, many thread experiments, and learning how to sew again, SUCCESS!!!

My arms are PRISTINE.

I work as a cat groomer, and yet . . . not a single scratch, not even the long-ago reminder of a scratch.

Not only that, we’re talking about the skin of an, ahem!, “mature” person.

My skin is as delicate as paper, I kid you not. When I used to get scratched, not only would I bleed like a samurai warrior on the battlefield, but the skin around the scratch would puff up like a giant pillow. Weird, right?  A normal person would decide to quit grooming cats.  Who said normal is good? Not me!

Instead of quitting, I sewed up what I believe is a incredibly useful accessory.

Are you a dog groomer?

A cat groomer?

A parent of a child with sharp teeth, heh heh?

A caretaker for someone with dementia?

Or simply someone who likes to be prepared for flying scissors? You never know!

Spiffy Kitty Slippy Sleeve
Sleeves in action. No more scratches, baby!
Mango chihuahua mix
Slippy Sleeves can also be used for dog snoods, ha ha! Mango says “Slippy Sleeves are great for everyone with a pet
Spiffy Kitty Slippy Sleeves two designs
Hard at work in my studio apartment! I tried different fabrics, elastics, sizes, until I found the exact right types for you!