The science of drying cats

How best to minimize drying time? First, how does “drying” work? “What exactly is involved in turning wet” cats “into dry ones? In a word, evaporation: turning the liquid water on your” cat “into a vapor (gas)—and then getting rid of it. “The simplest way of getting rid of liquid water is to turn itContinue reading “The science of drying cats”

No more hairballs

Throwing up hairballs isn’t natural. If cats still lived outdoors, shedded fur would be blown off or pulled off. In the home, fur detaches, gets licked into the throat and is either vomited out, or accumulates enough to create an obstruction if it doesn’t pass through the body.  Everyone has time for 15 seconds of brushing aContinue reading “No more hairballs”

Secrets of a cat groomer. Blow drying without blowing up.

You know the saying, “It’s not the heat. It’s the humidity.”  With cats, “It’s not the bath. It’s the blow-drying.” I wish cats looked like this during drying.   Instead, they usually look like this. How do professional cat groomers blow dry cats without scaring the cat or creating an explosion of claws and fangs?Continue reading “Secrets of a cat groomer. Blow drying without blowing up.”

Supplies for a cat grooming house call in New York

My supplies fit in a backpack.  Some of the most effective tools are also the simplest tools. I love my clipper. It is quiet and lightweight, perfect for cats with their sensitive skin and dislike of harsh sounds.  I usually groom on the kitchen counter and use the sink, though sometimes the bathroom is betterContinue reading “Supplies for a cat grooming house call in New York”

Supply list for home grooming long-haired cats

Basic tool kit for home-grooming long-haired cats. Believe me, you could buy a lot more, but this is enough to get you started. 7 1/2″ steel grooming comb. ( Face & Finishing comb. ( Slicker brush. ( Claw trimmer. ( Cat wipes. ( Hypo-allergenic shampoo. ( Clear plastic Elizabethan snap-on collar in a small-enough sizeContinue reading “Supply list for home grooming long-haired cats”

Is your Persian cat flammable? OMB!!!

Oh My Bastet. (Bastet is the Egyptian cat-headed goddess, of course.) You totally should have known that. You call yourself a cat lady? Sheesh. Go adopt a Dachshund. Anyhoo, if the fire alarm goes off when you touch your cat’s fur, see below for a magical liquid called Coat Handler Anti-Static Spray. Spritz a little on yourContinue reading “Is your Persian cat flammable? OMB!!!”