Cat shedding. What to do.

Cats shed more in the spring. Generally a true statement. Maine Coons shed enough fur to make another Maine Coon. Based on observation . . . Most common place for largest mats — along the side of body. Most common place for smaller mats — behind ears, under chin. Tools to use: rakes, metal combs, slicker brushes,Continue reading “Cat shedding. What to do.”

Lush new fur coats now in season for your cat.

Longer days and less sunlight mean it’s time to change fur coats. Your cat does not need to have a winter fur coat delivered from the fur vault. Their coat change is “do-it-yourself.” Telltale signs that the feline coat change is underway . . . Tufts of dull-looking fur poking out here and there. More strands of furContinue reading “Lush new fur coats now in season for your cat.”

“My cat sheds too much!”

I’m going to lay it out straight, because I get too many calls from really sweet, really smart people who didn’t get the memo that the animal you adopted BECAUSE IT IS SOFT AND FLUFFY is an animal that is covered in fur. You want the kitty but no fur? There are cats for that. If youContinue reading ““My cat sheds too much!””

What do cats and onions have in common?

Answer:  Skin that tears like paper.  If you use scissors to cut out mats, think “onion” as you snip. Don’t think “orange” or even “pear”, because those fruits have thicker skins than your cat.  The skin is the largest organ in the body.  Feline skin thickness ranges from 0.02″ to 0.14″.