If you were a cat, what type of cat would you be?

Hmmnnn. Fun test of the imagination. Let’s see. I would be a Domestic Short Hair (DSH) mixed breed. My mix would be 1/4 Japanese Bobtail, 3/4 Siberian. Why this mix? My mother was half Japanese, half American. My father was born and bred in North Dakota, which is our version of Siberia. I love this descriptionContinue reading “If you were a cat, what type of cat would you be?”

Confessions of a cat groomer: You get to be the good guy

I get to be the bad guy. You get to be the hero who hands out treats.  File under “reasons cat groomers exist”. I love this little cat. She USUALLY loves me.

Give me a mani-pedi! Where’s my Fancy Feast!

I like to spoil my kitty clients. They quickly learn that I am at their beck and call. They know they have a right to daily brushing, playtime, baths, mani-pedi’s and their favorite food. It’s in the Kitty Bill of Rights.  What, you haven’t heard of the Kitty Bill of Rights?