Grooming title inflation. Become a “Master groomer” in 10 days.

I love education. Seminars, online courses, mentors, books. I eat them up.

So I get why a groomer or aspiring groomer wants to go to a school, take classes, and have something to show for that effort and that money.  Good for them for wanting to learn.

But is someone who successfully completed a 10 day school session a master of anything?


Here’s what I think it takes to be a master —

Practice, practice, practice. Years and years of practice.

Progression through stages of skill, from beginner all the way to expert.

My guess is that most real “Masters” don’t tell people that they’re masters. They don’t NEED to tell anyone because they stand so far above everyone else that you’d have to be blind not to notice.

Why you shouldn’t choose a groomer who says they “love animals.”

I like charming people. People who are charming are charming. Smiling faces, a sense of humor, warmth . . . all good stuff.

Every groomer in the world and every veterinarian in the world and every doggy daycare owner in the world will say, “I love animals! They’re my passion!” They’ll say it with a smile.

And yet . . . you know about the groomer who accidentally put a strange dog in a cage with a scared cat. You know about the veterinarian who filed fake health certificates to help his wife run her pet store. You know about the hoarders and cheaters and keepers of filthy kennels.

Words are words. I’m a “show me” person. Show me and let me be the one who decides if you love animals.

Say it don’t spray it.