Are zoo big cats treated better than house cats?

Animals who live in zoos can be pitiful shadows. The number of pacing or lethargic or fur-plucking zoo residents are slowly being reduced by enrichment programs, at least in the United States.  Enrichment can be providing new and different food types, hiding the food in balls or puzzle boxes, introducing balls or other toys into the enclosure,Continue reading “Are zoo big cats treated better than house cats?”

“Can cat hair get into my lungs?”

This is my most popular post. I have now updated the post with a special gift. It seems like many people are concerned about fur in their lungs.  I understand! That is a creepy idea, isn’t it? Who wants furry lungs? Not me! As a present to visitors to my site, I created a bookletContinue reading ““Can cat hair get into my lungs?””

So your long-haired cat needs to be groomed. Here’s what you need to buy.

I groom these two sweet-natured beauties once a month. (Jump to the middle of this post for links to grooming tools.) Even if your long-haired cat is another breed or a mix, you can use similar tools. If you are going to be grooming your cat monthly, it’s worth buying the tools and products. GroomingContinue reading “So your long-haired cat needs to be groomed. Here’s what you need to buy.”

My cat is shedding too much. Solutions for shedding.

Some short-haired cats release a large amount of hair in the spring. I removed this fur using the soft Love Glove.  The cat purred during the grooming. This same cat is brushed four times a week, but look how much fur comes off!  Now she won’t have to cough up hair balls or walk around withContinue reading “My cat is shedding too much. Solutions for shedding.”

Cat shedding. What to do.

Cats shed more in the spring. Generally a true statement. Maine Coons shed enough fur to make another Maine Coon. Based on observation . . . Most common place for largest mats — along the side of body. Most common place for smaller mats — behind ears, under chin. Tools to use: rakes, metal combs, slicker brushes,Continue reading “Cat shedding. What to do.”

Supplies for a cat grooming house call in New York

My supplies fit in a backpack.  Some of the most effective tools are also the simplest tools. I love my clipper. It is quiet and lightweight, perfect for cats with their sensitive skin and dislike of harsh sounds.  I usually groom on the kitchen counter and use the sink, though sometimes the bathroom is betterContinue reading “Supplies for a cat grooming house call in New York”

Supply list for home grooming long-haired cats

Basic tool kit for home-grooming long-haired cats. Believe me, you could buy a lot more, but this is enough to get you started. 7 1/2″ steel grooming comb. ( Face & Finishing comb. ( Slicker brush. ( Claw trimmer. ( Cat wipes. ( Hypo-allergenic shampoo. ( Clear plastic Elizabethan snap-on collar in a small-enough sizeContinue reading “Supply list for home grooming long-haired cats”

Easy de-shedding for short-haired cats

My cat Emma helps me figure out which tools to use.  She’s a test model and co-pilot. De-shedding is “maintenance grooming.” Do it once a week or more. It’s addictive. Seeing fur pile up on the Love Glove is ridiculously satisfying. Today’s harvest of fur. Nice to see it on the glove instead of yourContinue reading “Easy de-shedding for short-haired cats”