Automatic cat feeders & drinking bowls be careful!

I’m cat sitting for an old kitty who lets me pat his head and rub his ears, but hisses if I dare touch his body. Oh well! He’s earned the right to be a cranky paws. When I visited, I noticed his water bowl wasn’t full. The bowl is like this. Water is supposed to drainContinue reading “Automatic cat feeders & drinking bowls be careful!”

Love is action, not smiles and talk.

Love is action. Love is taking actions that improve the life of the one you love. Love is thinking about what will help THEM.  That’s a tough one to swallow. Humans LOVE to talk. Americans LOVE to smile.  We are smiley, talky people.:) We think that smiling + talking = affection. Yes, they do — toContinue reading “Love is action, not smiles and talk.”

Cat Sitting Clients: Ari soft as cashmere

Ari’s fur is softer than cashmere and he’s sweeter than candy.  We got to be friends while his humans were away on vacation. We played together and cuddled together.  I gave him a mani-pedi so he would look spiffy for his humans.  See you soon Ari!