Does protective gear & e-collar & restraint make scared kitties become aggressive?

Dilemna. Cat stiff, scared, quiet. Wear protective gear. Next visit, cat is more scared. Ir don’t wear gear, no e-collar, light restraint, kitty might eventually relax…OR might bite & scratch groomer. WANT to use little to no restraint, BUT scratches and bites can do big damage. My dilemna. (C and C. Dsh tabby young adult)

Why senior cats need special handling

“A retrospective study revealed that 22 percent of cats over 1 year old and 90 percent of cats over 12 years old had radiographic evidence of degenerative joint disease.” This is why I use plenty of towels when I groom a senior cat. ¬†They rest on soft surfaces. If they’re not heavy, I even supportContinue reading “Why senior cats need special handling”

Drying fur. Damp cloth more absorbent than dry?

Assumption. Use dry towel to wipe off water. When that towel becomes damp, get another dry towel to use. Do not use a wet towel to dry a wet cat. The assumption is wrong. According to answers at the Physics Stack Exchange, damp cloth > dry cloth for water absorption. “Take a really dry dishContinue reading “Drying fur. Damp cloth more absorbent than dry?”