I’m a “content source”

So who writes those articles on sites like PetMD? Where do they find the experts?

Right here.

A really polite writer emailed to ask if I’d answer questions.   She’s writing an article encouraging owners to brush cats. Great topic!

Since I know ALOT about brushing cats, she got answers in 5 minutes. I told her about tools that work better than others.

Look for the article in March’s PetMD.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to help, Carly.



“My cat doesn’t let me brush her.”

I work as a house call cat groomer. My estimate is that once a month, clients tell me that their cats won’t accept being brushed, especially in the rear area and belly.

How do groomers manage to brush such cats?

Factors involved in success.


Handling the cat

Patience & detachment

Environment during grooming


I will now discuss tools.



Purchase tools such as brushes and combs. Try each one out.  Do this until you find the tool that works best for you and your cat. There are many choices.

Tools cost money. Hiring a groomer costs money.  Spending on tools may reduce spending on professional groomers.

Where can you find tools?

Search online for cat grooming tools. You will find a large number of tools. Go to online cat forums and grooming forums for specific assistance with your questions about each tool. Be sure to use the tool in the ways endorsed by professional groomers, professional breeders or the tool’s website.