Why do cats lie next to radiators?

Their body temp is a few degrees higher than ours.  I doubt this is the whole reason, because dogs also have a higher body temp than we do.  Dogs don’t sleep with their bodies up against hot radiators for hours on end. One of my cats used to sleep on top of a very hot steamContinue reading “Why do cats lie next to radiators?”

Free-Roaming House Cats Rest and Cheat On Their Owners

The National Geographic & University of Georgia Kitty Cams (Crittercam) Project found that when pet cats wore cameras while roaming outside: “Four of our project kitties were recorded entering another household for food and/or affection!” ” . . . cats spend the majority of their outdoor time resting (rather than moving).” Shocking, simply shocking.    

What is this cat thinking?

Can you tell what your cat is thinking? As a cat groomer, I need to be able to “read” a cat. This cat is one of my feline friends. I visit her several times a week to cat sit, trim claws, brush her and every so often, bathe her.  I have been her “nanny” forContinue reading “What is this cat thinking?”

The commoditization of stress-free handling

Stress-free handling is all the rage on veterinary websites. Stress-free handling is old-fashioned in that it requires a return to craftsmanship, specialization and intimacy.  I predict that the concept of stress-free handling will become more and more well-known, but that actual stress-free handling will remain as rare as a vegetarian at a barbecue joint. These techniquesContinue reading “The commoditization of stress-free handling”

“I can’t pick up my cat. My cat is too wiggly.”

Try the “football” hold. Tuck the cat’s body into your waist, with your forearm pressed against your cat’s torso and your hand under his chest. If your cat wiggles, use your other hand to hold on to the loose fur around his scruff (back of his neck).  I call this the “football” hold because itContinue reading ““I can’t pick up my cat. My cat is too wiggly.””

Holding a cat who’s not into being held

  Yoga. Jiu Jitsu. Moving 3-dimensionally. Cats twist their body in ways we can’t even begin to do. Cats use extreme flexibility to get the upper paw. If I’m thinking like a human, two-dimensionally, I’m not going to get those claws trimmed. The cat is not a piece of paper or a brick. The catContinue reading “Holding a cat who’s not into being held”

Is house call cat grooming easier for the owner than taking a cat to a salon?

Yes, because . . . you don’t have to bundle up your cat in a carrier and walk or ride to the salon. I come to you, with my equipment. you don’t have to wait several hours to pick up your cat. Grooming usually takes one hour. No, because . . . grooming entails fur.Continue reading “Is house call cat grooming easier for the owner than taking a cat to a salon?”

Are zoo big cats treated better than house cats?

Animals who live in zoos can be pitiful shadows. The number of pacing or lethargic or fur-plucking zoo residents are slowly being reduced by enrichment programs, at least in the United States.  Enrichment can be providing new and different food types, hiding the food in balls or puzzle boxes, introducing balls or other toys into the enclosure,Continue reading “Are zoo big cats treated better than house cats?”

Genetic tests for feline sociability and tameness?

In the future, will adoptable cats be pre-sorted via genetic tests? Cats who have gene(s) contributing to tameness could be chosen for adoption by families with small children or fragile seniors. Instead of basing an adoption decision on cuteness, the decision would be based on data. This is one of the possibilities being investigated by researchers at UCContinue reading “Genetic tests for feline sociability and tameness?”