What is the best use of time? Claw trims & time.

Let me help you decide whether or not to hire a house call cat groomer for claw trims.

Everything is a trade-off.

When people choose to buy prepared pre-packaged meals instead of shopping, cooking and cleaning up, they are making an instinctual decision about the best use of their time.

What is the best use of your time?

Not including employee benefits such as insurance, the value of one hour of your time is:

$40,000/year = $19.23/hour

$60,000/year = $28.85/hour

$80,000/year = $38.46/hour

$100,000/year = $48.08/hour

Ah, but it’s not that easy. What is the value of your time AWAY from work? What is the best use of those precious hours when you are not in an office or tied to your laptop answering emails from the Boss?  I’d guess the value of non-work hours is double the value of work hours because of scarcity. When a desired item — such as time to relax — is scarce, the value of that item rises.

That means one hour of relaxation time is worth almost $60.00, for those earning $60,000 a year.  You are “spending” $60 when you use one hour for a non-relaxing activity during your limited relaxation hours.

What do you want to do with that hour of relaxation time? Do you want to put your cat in a carrier and walk to the salon or clinic for a claw trim, or do you want to hire a cat groomer to trim the claws? My claw trim visits generally take 15 minutes.

Interesting, yes?

cat fist bump


The commoditization of stress-free handling

Stress-free cuddling?
Kevin Richardson demonstrates stress-free lion cuddling with his good friend.

Stress-free handling is all the rage on veterinary websites. Stress-free handling is old-fashioned in that it requires a return to craftsmanship, specialization and intimacy.  I predict that the concept of stress-free handling will become more and more well-known, but that actual stress-free handling will remain as rare as a vegetarian at a barbecue joint.

These techniques take time and patience, both of which are rarities in urban life. Every time I visit a cat, I attempt to provide stress-free handling. Occasionally I succeed.  Sometimes the cat’s stress level is so high before I even start that all I can do is work quickly.  For a quivering cat, the greatest kindness may be speedy efficiency.

Like the term “holistic”, stress-free handling will become no more than a label developed to appeal to the tender-hearted, progressive city-dweller.  All the same, a few advances in our treatment of pets may occur along the way, just as the craze for organic food did bring more fresh fruits and vegetables into the market.


Holding a cat who’s not into being held


Yoga. Jiu Jitsu. Moving 3-dimensionally.

Cats twist their body in ways we can’t even begin to do.

Cats use extreme flexibility to get the upper paw.

If I’m thinking like a human, two-dimensionally, I’m not going to get those claws trimmed.

The cat is not a piece of paper or a brick. The cat is more like air flowing and shifting shape.

May the force be with you, grasshopper!


Is house call cat grooming easier for the owner than taking a cat to a salon?

Yes, because . . .

  • you don’t have to bundle up your cat in a carrier and walk or ride to the salon. I come to you, with my equipment.
  • you don’t have to wait several hours to pick up your cat. Grooming usually takes one hour.

No, because . . .

  • grooming entails fur. I do a very quick tidy up, but not a full-scale cleaning. You may need to use a Swiffer mop or vacuum cleaner. You may need to wipe off the counter too. You wouldn’t have to do that if you took your cat to a salon.
  • you need to prepare for the grooming. I ask owners to provide two big towels, clear the kitchen sink and counter, try to keep the cat in an enclosed area before I arrive, and maintain a quiet atmosphere. Children, housekeepers, guests or dogs should not be in the grooming area. If you live in an open space, like a large loft, you may have a hard time creating a quiet atmosphere.

I do house call cat grooming because it’s more relaxing for the cat, not because it’s always easier for the owner. The funny thing is that even if it’s not easier for the owner, it may still feel easier. Why? Owners who choose house call cat grooming don’t feel the stress of wondering if the cat doing well at the grooming salon. Stress is not easy!