Introduce your cat to some people today!

It’s time to PARTAY! The weekend’s here baby! You say your kitty hides. You say your kitty ain’t no party animal. I say it’s not so. We fear what we don’t know. (Getting all classical now.) Give a friend a treat. Ask the friend to calmly, quietly, show the treat to your kitty. If kittyContinue reading “Introduce your cat to some people today!”

99% of cat grooming is daily combing or brushing

There’s no mystery to cat grooming. 15 Minutes a Day: Comb or brush your medium to long-haired cat once a day. Use a “love glove” or brush on a short-haired cat once a week. Trim claws once a month.   Big return on small effort.   Cat grooming becomes a big deal when the combing,Continue reading “99% of cat grooming is daily combing or brushing”

Cat Groomer not Car Mechanic

If you watch a cat groomer at work, you will notice something interesting.  Your cat is not a car!  Unlike a car mechanic, cat groomers work with animals who have distinct and strong personalities. Each cat is different.  I’m amused when owners say, very confidently, “Give my cat a lion trim.” A lion trim isContinue reading “Cat Groomer not Car Mechanic”

Messy-Bottomed Persian Kittens

Yes, my life is glamorous! These are the things I think about. Messy-bottomed Persian or Himalayan kittens. What to do about them. If you are the proud owner/parent of such a kitty, I have a few suggestions: 1. Is there a stomach problem? Perhaps food or treats are contributing to the messiness. 2. Is theContinue reading “Messy-Bottomed Persian Kittens”

Whisperers and Daddy’s: Our myths

Stories of heroes and geniuses. I love those stories. How hard would it be to admit to ignorance or to publicly fail, if I blogged under the name of “Linda, Cat Momma?” or “Linda, Cat Savant.” Damn hard. I’d have a long way to fall off that pedestal. I want to look up to someone,Continue reading “Whisperers and Daddy’s: Our myths”