Soft Paws for cats: Pro and Con

Applying tiny plastic covers to cat claws isn’t the easiest thing to do.

I prefer simply trimming the claws, but sometimes that’s not enough.

Soft Paws need to be re-applied every 4-6 weeks. Try the brightly colored Soft Paws, because you can easily see if they’ve come off.

Good candidates for Soft Paws claw covers:

The elderly, people with health conditions causing thin skin or bleeding problems, small children, cats with health conditions causing thin skin/bleeding problem/chronic itching/OCD issues, aggressive cats, households with antique furniture, cats that bat their owner’s eyeballs, cats that get stuck to the rug.

Soft paws are bad for:

Outdoor cats, cats owned by people that can’t maintain a 4-6 week Soft Paw schedule, some OCD nail biters.*

*Thanks to cat groomer Beth Cornell Rex for this description of who should and shouldn’t use Soft Paws.

soft paws

99% of cat grooming is daily combing or brushing

There’s no mystery to cat grooming.

15 Minutes a Day:

Comb or brush your medium to long-haired cat once a day.

Use a “love glove” or brush on a short-haired cat once a week.

Trim claws once a month.


Big return on small effort.


Cat grooming becomes a big deal when the combing, brushing and claw trimming doesn’t get done.

Doing it the easy way or the hard way. It’s up to you.


Cat Groomer not Car Mechanic

If you watch a cat groomer at work, you will notice something interesting.  Your cat is not a car!  Unlike a car mechanic, cat groomers work with animals who have distinct and strong personalities. Each cat is different. 

I’m amused when owners say, very confidently, “Give my cat a lion trim.” A lion trim is not just a haircut.

Shaving most of a cat’s body is a BIG FRICKIN’ DEAL for the cat!  Let me repeat. It is a BIG FRICKIN’ DEAL for the cat. (So I only do it when there are health benefits or the cat has been shown to enjoy having a lion trim.)

House call cat grooming allows me to take into account the cat’s personality. That doesn’t mean the cat is going to love being groomed, but it allows for a more personal experience.

Whisperers and Daddy’s: Our myths

Stories of heroes and geniuses. I love those stories.

How hard would it be to admit to ignorance or to publicly fail, if I blogged under the name of “Linda, Cat Momma?” or “Linda, Cat Savant.”

Damn hard. I’d have a long way to fall off that pedestal.

I want to look up to someone, but out of kindness to them, I won’t put them on a pedestal.  Even if they ask me to.

I read their books and watch their shows. I love the creativity and sheer gutsiness. If the mythologizing works, maybe it’s fine. I don’t know. (I can say that because I am not a whisperer or a momma.)