What a great time to run a puppy mill! 🙈

Do millenials know about puppy mills? The overcrowding, filth, and using a female dog until she’s worn out?

These fawning articles about naive young people who are so happy that breeder in Pennsylvania or Ohio just “happened to have” a new litter of goldendoodles . . . https://nypost.com/2021/02/11/millennials-scramble-to-find-apartments-for-pampered-pandemic-pups/?utm_source=url_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site%20buttons&utm_campaign=site%20buttons

So much for buying ethically sourced products. Guess that only matters if you’re buying paper towels and coffee, not a pet.

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I groom cats in your own home. I do everthing needed for a soft, clean cat. Claw trims to prevent painful scratches and damaged furniture. Brushing to prevent furballs and matting. Rear-end trims to keep things clean after the litter box visit. Baths for soft, shiny fur. Clients praise my calm, gentle yet firm attitude. Cat sitting visits last 1/2 hour. Daily photo, fresh food and water, playtime, cuddles. A true "cat nanny".