Cat Care in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Each culture has their own ideas about how to care for pet cats.

This store in Riyadh writes that cats need a source of grass for nibbling.  I like this. American stores and shelters never suggest grass for nibbling! I wish they did.

From Purrfect Pets of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


  . . . Indoor cats need a litter box (which must be cleaned daily), a scratching post and a source of grass for nibbling on. They also need chew toys for hunting down and grappling with. To prevent the population explosion of unwanted, feral cats, spay or neuter your cat as soon as it reaches sexual maturity (about six months old). If you intend to breed with your cat, make sure it cannot wander off.

Some cats, especially long-haired breeds, require regular grooming. . . . “