Walking cats outside in summer

Cats can feel heat on their paw pads, though from what I’ve read, they feel it less than we feel heat.  Some cats have heat-blocking fur on their paw pads, but many don’t. If you’re walking your cat on a hot day, try to walk on grass or dirt, or try to walk in early morning or early evening.  Cats are most active during early morning and early evening, so your cat might have more fun then.

Hot cat? How to keep your cat cool.

Some breeds thrive in cool, cold or VERY cold weather, but they wilt in hot temperatures. I’m looking at you Maine Coons & Siberians, you laid-back fur beasties.

Instead of shaving ALL the fur off — which to be honest makes me feel sad — I like to shave off the belly, upper chest and groin fur.  This creates “air conditioning for the body”.  From above, you can’t even tell the cats been shaved.

A lot of cats get wiggly or upset when shaved, so doing JUST a belly shave keeps drama to a minimum.

With an air-conditioned belly, you can put a leash on your MC or Siberian and head to the nearest park.


Good cat hospital in NYC

I took my cat to The New York Cat Hospital on the west side at 66th street.  I totally recommend this veterinary hospital.  Friendly staff, skilled technicians and kindly veterinarian.  Dr. Lander seems like a very sincere person.  She was able to figure out what was going on with my cat by doing a thorough physical exam.  Not many doctors do thorough physical exams anymore — most seem to be reliant on tests that, in the end, may not even be that useful for diagnosis.

I’ve tried a few other veterinarians in NYC.  None of them were awful, but feeling  comfortable is important to me. I felt comfortable with Dr. Lander.