I am a cat wrapper. No, not a cat rapper, a cat wrapper. My special method for handling cats during grooming.

I have tried many different ways to gentle and efficiently groom cats in their homes.  I enjoy experimenting.

I have tried “cat space helmets”, cat “party hats”,  specially-made animal handling gloves and more. I have tried grooming on counters, tubs and floors.  I have tried grooming fast and grooming slowly.

The result of my research is that each cat is different, so my most important tool is paying attention to the cat!

Aside from that, the tool I am very excited about now is towels and blankets. Yes, simply towels and blankets.  Maybe I am returning to my roots, since my mother was born in Japan. The Japanese are skilled at wrapping and used to wrap presents in cloth.  I am a heredity wrapper.

This video inspires me. The talented veterinary technician uses blankets to carry and hold on to a cat who appears to be ready to shred her to pieces.

Unlike other restraining tools, I find the towel and blanket to be the most nurturing.

Hurrah for the lowly towel and blanket!!