Cat grooming will be everywhere

Remember when dog walkers were rare? Even in New York, they were rare.

Then, kaboom! they were everywhere.

Everyone is a dog walker, has a dog walker, or knows a dog walker.

Craigslist NY is split between dog walkers and apartment listings, with a few other listings.

That’s what’s going to happen with cat grooming.

Cats are living longer. Most cats live inside now. Owners take the time to learn about them. It’s like what happened with dog owners and dogs. MAJOR changes in how we live with cats have already happened.

A lot of my customers are younger than you’d expect them to be. They’re already living with the new way of treating cats. This is all they’ve ever known. Of course they’re grooming their cats, or if they’re not, they’re aware of their cat’s grooming needs.

Remember when New Yorkers left their dogs alone for 8 hours? That was normal for the time.  Now there are play-dates, walkers, schools and social centers.  That is normal for today.

Monthly cat-grooming sessions will be the “new normal”, just like daily dog walking visits became the “new normal.”