Cats urinate from fear at salon?

Reading groomer online sites, I’m struck by the  number of times groomers describe cats urinating during grooming.

Since salons have high-velocity dryers, barking dogs, strange smells and powerful washing hoses, added to the cat’s bewilderment over being left in a  strange place, I’m not surprised. I’d have the pee scared out of me too!

It could just be that cats wait around  too long in salons. They don’t always get litter boxes. Of course they’re going to have to pee somewhere.

Most groomers in a salon or clinic are animal lovers. That’s the other thing I notice in grooming forums. The salon setting works against them, creating anxiety for the cats.

Cats pee during grooming even at home.  I’ve had it happen 3 or 4 times, but not anywhere near as often as I hear it happens in salons.  If I had to get urinated on to do my job, I’d figure out another way to work or find another job.

Just something to think about.