What if housecall cat grooming costs more than you can afford?


Even if you can’t hire a housecall cat groomer, you can still help your cat.  There are great Youtube videos demonstrating a wide variety of ways to brush, wash and dry fur, along with many videos on how to trim claws. You can also do a general online search for information.  You’ll find so much!  Look at a bunch of different videos and sites so you can choose which method works best for you.

If you’re afraid to do it all yourself, you can start by trying to do whatever seems least scary.

For example, trimming claws intimidates a lot of owners.  It’s less scary if you don’t have to worry about being bitten or scratched. A snap-on or velcro e-collar can be purchased for about 10 dollars. You put it on your kitty, then relax because the teeth can no longer reach you.

Tip: Good lighting helps more than you can imagine. Light up your house before grooming the cat.

Afraid of being scratched? You can wear a winter coat and gloves. No one will see you since you’re at home:) Feel free to wear layers of clothes!

Wiggly cat? Wrap kitty up in the largest towel you have. A beach towel is the right size. You can even use two towels. Then expose the part of the body you’re working on. Your room-mate or partner might be willing to help.

Trimming out mats? Buy a small ball-tip scissor online or at a pet store. Place a metal comb flat against kitty’s skin, under the mat. Trim the mat off with the scissor. This way you won’t have to worry about cutting the skin.

Tip: Having a quiet, calm atmosphere makes all the difference. Many cats freak out if you groom them in the living room with children playing and video games booming. They might be totally different in the bathroom or kitchen.

Tip: Try using the kitchen sink and counter for grooming, instead of using the tub and bathroom floor.  The kitchen counter is the right height for grooming. The sink is less fear-inducing to the cat than a huge tub. Also, you’re going to have more control over a cat in a sink than you do over a cat in a tub.

Most of all, have fun. Experiment. As long as you don’t hurt or scare the cat — and don’t get hurt — it’s all good!

Enjoy getting to be physical with a living creature. In the city, we spend so much time with computers & words & concrete. Grooming a cat is like a brush with nature.  Who knows. You might become addicted to cat grooming, like me:)