Grooming the Low-Tech Way


Many groomers use powerful equipment like high-velocity dryers for the same reason that housekeepers use strong chemical cleansers for the oven.

The reason they use such powerful tools is that modern Americans aren’t fans of daily maintenance routines.  We prefer to do our cleaning all at once, which means that we need powerful tools to handle the build-up of dirt or in the case of pets, shed fur and natural body oil.

If I wiped down the top of my stove every day, I would not need to use anything stronger than a bit of dishwashing soap and water on a sponge. Since I don’t wipe down my stove every day, I need to use a scrubbing brush. The scrubbing brush gets the stove top clean, but also does a tiny bit of damage to the stove top each time I use it.

If a long-haired cat is combed every day with a simple metal comb, they won’t need much more than that.  If they’re not combed, then their fur can get to the point where shaving and blow-drying and degreasing shampoos must be used to help the cat feel comfortable again.

I like low-tech grooming because it is more natural, quiet and gentle. That’s why I encourage owners to comb their cats as much as possible or to schedule regular grooming sessions with me.


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