Low-Tech Grooming Best for Cats?

F:DPF\Thursday NewsAlbum Calf & Cats # 831 Oct 20 2011The calves and the cats have a special relationship at the Hytone Farm in Coventry.Al Malpa

I feel that low-tech grooming is best for cats.

Modern salons make use of high-velocity dryers, pre-mixed shampoo/water nozzles, stainless steel tables and more.  The tools allow groomers to work on more pets without being exhausted, which in turn allows groomers to make a living for themselves and their families without doing so much damage to their own bodies. Some salons groom up to twenty-one pets day.  Wow!

Since I do house-call cat grooming, my focus is different. I never groom more than a few cats a day.  I do a lot of brushing.  I rarely use a high-velocity dryer, preferring to use the sort of dryer that I use on my own hair.  I often hold cats in my lap while grooming.

It’s a quieter, more simple way of grooming, not too different from the way cats were groomed 40 years ago.

I don’t really see myself as someone who is in the pet-grooming industry. I’m just taking care of cats as if they were my own.  Like many women, I have a strong desire to care for smaller creatures.  To me, the physical setting of the salon and the tools used don’t feel nurturing, even if the groomers themselves are expressing love through their work.