Grooming Senior Cats


This is my cat Emma. She is 15 years old. I brush her almost every day with a Zoom Groom brush. She used to enjoy grooming herself with her tongue, but not any more.  Nowadays, I need to clean her ears and help her.  We took a bath together yesterday.  She’s a gentle & happy cat. Her fur is very soft thanks to all the brushing. Emma loves being brushed. She lays on her side and wiggles with pleasure. Silly girl! She looks like a vampire:)

15-year old Emma

How to Groom a Shy, Gentle Cat

See how she looks down while I hold her?  She is a shy, sweet girl.  What an angel.

This precious dumpling likes to tuck her head under my arm when I dry her. The first time I groomed her, I didn’t know that she likes to hide her head. Now I know, so I can be a better friend to her during grooming.  We sit on the floor together.  I’m so happy that I learned what she likes. She deserves the best.


Spring Summer Cat Allergy

If your allergies spring into action in the Spring and Summer, you should know that allergies aren’t just one thing. Each trigger piles on until you get really sick.

If you have a window air conditioner, clean the filter twice a year. So much gunk in that filter. Easy to clean!! So worth it. One less allergen to pile on.

Here is the filter after I scrubbed it. Above is the dirt I washed off. Disgusting!!  Imagine if I didn’t wash the filter twice a year. Would be a toxic waste dump. *I have a  black cat. Wonder how much of this clump of grossness is her fur? Imagine if I didn’t brush her every day!!

Clean filter. No more gunk to breath in. Helps with allergies.

Be the best owner!!! Grooming is basic care.


Shed fur all over not natural

Cats outside get de-shedded by trees, wind, sand and all that good nature stuff.

Cats inside can shed and shed and shed. Fur sticks to the body. Body oil is like glue. Nasty!

Like wearing a thick winter coat all year round.

I run my hand through my cat’s fur. A few hairs come off. That’s all! Why? I brush Emma. She LOVES being brushed.

No hairballs in months! Great, right?!

Brushing is grooming. It’s one of the things I do to help cats. I can brush better than you can. Not bragging, just a fact.

Be the best owner!! Aspire to be the best!!