Is dry shampoo for cats a scam?

If that’s the only way you’re going to be able to shampoo your cat, it’s better than nothing.


Dry shampoo absorbs oil into a substance that can be brushed or blow-dried out. Cats produce oil.  There will always be oil on their skin. The oil makes fur look dirty.

“Only hydrophobic soils, like natural oils and oil-based styling products, are absorbed by the dry shampoo. Dry shampoo will not remove actual dirt, skin flakes, and other chemicals that can make hair look and feel greasy . . . “

Note: hydrophobic means not dissolvable or wettable by or in water.

Wet shampoo removes dirt, dust AND oil. Chemicals in shampoo bind to the oil AND the dirt. Everything is washed away during rinsing, leaving fur cleaner and less oily.

Some formulators add ingredients to shampoo to soften the fur or make it shinier.

So no, dry shampoo is not a scam. It’s nowhere near as effective as wet shampoo, but it is better than nothing.