Cat Doesn’t Like It When You Scruff Her?

I know that holding on to a wiggling cat seems like it shouldn’t be that hard. All you do is grab their scruff, right?

Not so fast there, little buddy.

Cats use their ENTIRE body. Not only that, they easily move three-dimensionally.

Humans use our hands mostly, and occasionally our feet.  We usually move forward, backwards and sideways. We usually don’t spin and flip, unless our name is Jackie Chan. So we don’t really understand cats, because they truly live in another dimension.

Holding on to the scruff stabilizes one small portion of the cat’s body.  The rest of the body is free to flip, flop and spin, with claws out! That gets messy.

Try this.

Quietly and quickly pick up your cat. Don’t talk or hesitate. Just pick up your cat, one hand under the belly, one hand on the scruff.

Hold your cat close against your body at your waist height.

Don’t squeeze the scruff or twist it. You’re holding, not punishing.

So many people hold their cat at arm’s length.  Understandably, the cat doesn’t like being suspended in the air with nothing to hold on to.  Close is better.

Good luck.

If you can’t do it, don’t feel bad. Just call a groomer.