Cats whose coat thickens up in the winter are at maximum puffiness now.  I like a puffy cat as much as the next person.  The problem is that under the cute puffiness, problems can lurk. Mats form under floofiness. As fur starts to shed more during the approach to Spring (March 20th), fur can mat into hard lumps.

Beware the floof!:)

Grooming experience, education and training:

  1. graduated grooming school
  2. house call veterinary nurse administering medications and fluids
  3. managed busy animal shelter
  4. emergency animal rescue in Chapel Hill, NC
  5. internship with “big cats” at The Bronx Zoo
  6. kennel worker
  7. post-baccalaureate biology honors program at CUNY
  8. hundreds of hours of volunteer service at animal shelters, and more. . .