Yes, Persians Do Need to Be Groomed THAT Much

Every day. Brushed every day. Yes. Really. I am not kidding.

Persians are a breed “created” for people who have abundant time or the ability to hire a groomer.  Aristocrats, for example, are the perfect owners for Persians!

The options are . . . hire or hustle. Hire a groomer or hustle through a nightly combing.

“But MY cat doesn’t get matted. I only brush her once a month.”

There are exceptions to the daily brushing rule, since some  breeders cross their Persians with other breeds, or breed with an eye towards an easier coat. Even if your Persian isn’t matted, they’re going to have shed fur embedded in their coat if you don’t comb them out.

I’ve grown to love Persians. They’re funny, adorable little creatures.

“Nicholas-Claude Fabri de Peiresec, an advisor to the Parliament od Aix-en-Provence, bought two cats to France from Turkey (perhaps they were Angora in type).  These cats were highly prized by the European Aristocracy.”

“Grooming (brushing, combing and cleaning) is a considerable undertaking.  The Persian’s long hair is prone to the rapid formation of knots and tufts.  It is therefore essential to untangle the coat every day.  Persians shed in spring and summer. Their eyes, which produce tears constantly, must be cleaned regularly.”