Chipotle and Cat Grooming

Definitely one of my weirdest headlines, but wait, there’s a logic to it. Chipotle and cat care share something.

Chipotle’s been in the news due to a large number of food poisoning outbreaks.

Seem like they were so busy focusing on (and bragging about) being GMO-free, locally sourced and fresh that they forgot the most important part of running a restaurant.

Don’t poison your customers!

“Marler said: ‘I think the Chipotle business model is a good one,’ and added: ‘There’s nothing incompatible about being local, organic and fresh and also safe. I just think they haven’t yet figured out how to embrace food safety with the same zeal they’ve shown for the other things they’re striving for.’”

We’re always being told about this toxin or that toxin. Chemicals are now supposed to be our enemy.  Go all natural or die a lingering death.  I visit many homes where smart, caring people are concerned about such things.

Just don’t “pull a Chipotle.”  What does that mean? It means focusing on potential, possible, long-term problems while ignoring day-to-day issues. It means spending an hour deciding which gluten-free sourced-from-local-buffalo cat food to buy while your cat’s claws grow into their paw pad, their fur mats into a dense ball and they lose their mind from boredom because no one is playing with them.

Daily grooming and cat maintenance can awfully dull.  Creating and enforcing food safety rules can also be awfully dull. As the incredibly well-paid owners of CEO discovered, dull work can be the most important work of all.