U.S. Veterinary Care is Amazingly Good

We all like to complain about the imperfections of veterinary medicine in the United States. I do it too.

I read an article that shocked me into realizing how good we (and our pets) have it. We live in a culture that has resources, a belief in compassion toward animals, and excellent veterinary schools.  We have access to a safe supply of drugs. We have a large number of intelligent, ambitious veterinarians. What a great accomplishment.

“India is so big that the veterinary education and abilities there are much higher in the cities than in the boonies. . . .  in veterinary schools north of Mumbai no companion animal medicine is being taught. . .  An upcoming article is on what basic instruments do you need for surgery, how do you hold a scalpel, how do you drape a dog for surgery, what’s a sterile technique? It may sound ridiculous to a vet in Seattle or Portland, but it’s a tremendous challenge.

Can you imagine going to a veterinarian who does not know how to hold a scalpel?!!