Ways to shave a cat

When I’m not grooming, I spend time on an online groomer forum so I can learn about different techniques and tools.  Some techniques that used to be considered a big no-no are now accepted and encouraged.  Groomers realized that the prejudice against these techniques wasn’t based on anything except habit.

For example, wet shaving used to be a no-no. This is when a groomer washes a pet first, then while the pet is still wet or damp, they shave the pet.  There are a few advantages to wet shaves.

  1.  If the fur is damp, the blade doesn’t heat up, so no risk of “clipper burn”.
  2. Wet fur seems to be more stretchy, so I can sort of nudge the mat away from the skin with my clipper blade, then either shave it off completely or trim it off with scissors. This feels safer for the cat than having to shave a mat that is still tight against the skin.
  3. Less fur around the kitchen.  When I shave a dry cat, the fur gets around.  Wet fur is easier to pick up and put into a garbage bag.

I wet shaved a sweet, beautiful long-haired cat today.  He was such a joy to be around.  It went really well, so I’m glad I know about this technique.

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