Busy people and pets in 2016

People are BUSY!  Even people who don’t look like they should be busy are BUSY!  Old, young, rich, poor, busy, busy, busy!

Cat owners are undergoing a shift in attitude. They’re viewing cats as friends and family.  This creates a dilemma. Working long days doesn’t leave enough time to keep their cat mat-free and de-shedded, yet owners want their cat to be comfortable and attractive.

It’s hard to give up the fantasy that there is time for everything.  In reality, there isn’t time to do it all. We make decisions about what is worth doing ourselves and what we should pay someone else to do.

When I visit a home where a matted cat lives, the owner is usually a loving person who kept hoping and hoping they would find the time to brush their cat.  Then one day they noticed that their cat was lumpy and bumpy with clots of matted fur.

It’s okay to hire a professional. You don’t have to feel guilty. You are not a bad cat-parent.  Your job is to bring home the kibble and to ARRANGE for pet care.  Whether you do the grooming or someone else does it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that your friend, that little animal who shares your home, gets taken care of.

Happy 2016!