Can you groom my cat? She bites.

I groom all sorts of cats.  A lot of cats will eventually get annoyed. They might swat at me or give me the “the look”.  Cats don’t want to be messed with for very long, even if you’re doing it with love and good intentions.  When the groom is over, they forget all about it. I rub them on their cheeks. They run off to play or to eat a treat.

Then there are the biters. A few cats try to bite me within seconds. I mean, they don’t even give me a chance to run my comb through their fur more than once. They are seriously ticked off and they mean to do something about it! They hiss. They swat. They try to leap off the counter. They’re not kidding around. If they were lions, I’d be lunch.

I can groom the cats who eventually get annoyed. I can sometimes groom the cats who bite. I can’t ALWAYS groom the cats who bite. If they’re matted, we’re talking about using a clipper or ball-tip scissors on an angry animal who is determined to break free.  Does that sound safe to you? I wear protective gear. I’m not worried about myself. Mainly I don’t want to hurt your cat.  I love cats.

So if your cat is the type who has no patience with grooming AND your cat is matted, I’d be happy to try but no guarantees.  They might need to be sedated at a veterinary clinic. I appreciate your offer to give your cat a “happy pill”. The only problem with that is the frequent situations where the owner can’t get their cat to eat the pill, or they’re not sure their cat ate the pill but tell me the cat ate the pill.  How could that possibly go wrong? A cat groomer who thinks she is grooming a sedated cat but is really grooming an angry fully-aware cat?

I’m good with animals. I’ve spent enough time with them to have a way of working with cats, but I’m not a “whisperer.” Let me tell you my idea. My idea is that even “whisperers” aren’t whisperers. They’re people who are good with pets AND they get the benefit of professional video editors.

You know that phrase, “Just say no to drugs”?  With cats, on rare occasions where they are 100% against being groomed but need grooming, I think it’s a sensible idea to just say yes to drugs.