My credentials as a cat groomer

Cat grooming is a specialty. Many groomers are afraid to groom cats. Others think that cat grooming consists only of shaving matted cats, when in fact cat grooming can include claw trims, de-shedding, de-matting, combing and sanitary fur trims.  As a cat owner as well as a groomer, I suggest asking prospective groomers why they began to groom cats. Ask groomers about their training and experience.  Cats are not the same as dogs. Their skin, anatomy and behavior differ markedly from canines.

Experience and education

Graduated from grooming school.
House call veterinary nurse administering medications and fluids to diabetic cats and others.
Managed progressive animal shelter.
Emergency animal rescue supervisor in Chapel Hill, NC.
Internship with “big cats” and other animals at The Bronx Zoo.
Post-baccalaureate science honors program at CUNY.
Hundreds of hours of volunteer service at animal shelters.
Lived with cats for 18 years.  Currently live with a senior cat.