Behind the scenes: Cat Groomer

Professional groomers are different. For one thing, we’re even crazier about pets than the average American, and that’s saying something! For another thing, we shop differently.

Like construction contractors, we shop at distributors, not retail stores. I buy my shampoo, trimmers and other supplies from companies catering to groomers. Sure, I might run to Petco if I forget to bring my claw trimmer to a house call, but that’s the exception, not the rule.

One of the many reasons I love this country is that inventors and manufacturers let their imaginations run wild. What fun!  Talk about abundance!  I can choose between about 100 types of shampoo, 20 types of clippers, 50 types of combs and brushes, and so on.

Some might wonder if all this choice is necessary. No, it’s not. I could use the same tools used in the 1960’s, but why should I?  A 1960’s clipper/shaver will work, but the newer ones are quieter and vibrate less, which makes grooming a more relaxing experience for cats.

Today’s professional groomers get to pick from a world of grooming delights.  Amazing!